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Discount at FOCUS DIY

Whilst buying some stuff to extend the laboratory at Focus in Warminster I noticed that they had a stack of British Armed Forces Community Support Card applications at the till. Upon asking I found out that;

The good news:

As a serving soldier you can get 10% off at Focus DIY. Just show your MOD90 and they will give you a card for a 10% discount. Your significant other can also sign and use it.

The bad news:

Only at the Warminster Branch.

Card only lasts 6 months.

Just a trial at present, if all goes well, the scheme will be nationwide and permanent.

An ex service member employed by them has made the suggestion so it needs supporting! Get down there and get DIYing – if that’s a word. Anything that gets money off is OK by me. Note that this appears not to have been widely advertised - spread the word!!!

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