Disco Dan lifts shirts.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Biscuits_AB, Feb 26, 2005.

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  1. Anybody else here think that Disco Dan is an uphill gardner?
  2. Is this true disco....... are you a cackpipe cosmonaut?

    You look like one... whats your excuse for bleach blonde hair and becoming a DJ if it wasn't to play erasure and choke on veiny bloodsticks?
  3. AAC door gunner? Lynx pilot?
  4. And I aint no fookin DJ... I was once but there is more money in ripping off other peoples work ;)
    but yes I am a turd burgler.... only do female hoops tho
  5. That's not what Plant Pilot said. He said you refused to use a lubricant and he bled for a week.
  6. ahhh that cant have been me then coz am hung like a humming bird...
  7. Well Plant Pot always clained to have a ring piece like the eye of a needle.

    Are you a Communards fan? They're gay aren't they?
  8. no mate dont do communards or erasure... or the fookin village people... or judy garland.
  9. Soft Cell?
  10. Hoops are all the same ya fecking turd burglar..........next you'll be saying ya don't puch back for your boyfriend :roll:
  11. He's been rammin it up A Team Rentboy apparantly.
  12. what about "Frankie goes to Hollywood" they are bum lords and from liverpool being a DJ i m sure you must have "interviewed" them in intimate settings singing
    "When you want to suck it to it Relax don't do it When you want to cum Cum-oh oh oh!" :lol:
  13. At this rate he'll be asking for a transfer to the Guards :twisted:
  14. Maybe he's an Elton John fan. What about Gareth Gate's pal?
  15. Both apparently :roll: