Disco 2 - M and S lights flashing on dash

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by muscat_diver, Jan 29, 2012.

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  1. I understand the fault may lie with a wiring connection that is under the auto transmission shift lever and accessed from under the vehicle. Mine is used in sand etc but I would doubt it has ever been wet under there apart from very rarely after rain. Please can someone advise what I am looking for in terms of fault finding. With the M+S lights on the vehicle drives as though the clutch is slipping

    Many thanks
  2. Firstly check the battery voltage. Low battery power can promt the M and S lights to flash and cause the problem. Discovery 2's need a lot of electrickery
    Its also possible that the gearbox needs a fluid and filter change
    It can also be the switch on the autobox selector.
  3. Thanks for that the battery is fairly new and the right size but I will get it checked first
    I think the fluid and filter is a good call as they have not been changed for about 9 months - is this a DIY job?
    I shall let you know how I get on with these two jobs first
    Many thanks
  4. Jagman
    I found this in the Disco pdf manual which sounds like drop the sump off remove and clean the filter (not replace disposable element) and refit, fill with transmission fluid - do you agree this sounds right


    Filter - oil

    1. Remove oil sump gasket.
    2. Remove Torx screw securing oil pick-up tube
    and remove tube.
    3. Remove 2 Torx screws securing filter to valve
    body and discard 'O' rings.
    1. Clean filter and pick-up tube using a lint free
    2. Fit new 'O' rings to filter.
    3. Position filter and tighten Torx screws to 8 Nm
    (6 lbf.ft).
    4. Position oil pick-up tube and tighten Torx
    screw to 8 Nm (6 lbf.ft).
    5. Fit oil sump gasket.
  5. Golf One One is a 'disco' guru, he also has a lot of friends with mechanical quals/minds. Give him a shout via PM.
  6. There's a guy on net. Discovery 2.co.uk. He's a machine at the disco 2. Step by step fixes for all disco 2 faults. Ie. 3 amigos,sunroofs, egr.
    Take a look. Might help you out mate

  7. It does have an internal filter, its a flat, metal filter that can be changed. It makes a big difference to the gearbox. Going by your user name you live somewhere pretty hot? Its not uncommon for the filters to never be changed.
    I'm also sorta assuming its a V8?

    Assuming is a 4 litre Discovery 2 it will be a ZF4HP 24 rather than the earlier 22. Much the same gearbox but improved internals.
    The transmission fluid will breakdown with heat and an autobox generates an awfdul lot of heat. Fluid and filter change is easy enough to do but you must keep everything internal very very clean. Any dirt ingress will wreak havoc with your box!

    As to the battery, its pretty common to have the wrong battery, my TD5 requires a battery of about 110ah but if you got to a mainstream auto chain they will flog you something around 90ah that isn't man enough.
    There are a lot of electical systems on a Discovery 2 and a small battery just won't hack it. Check the electrolyte levels on the battery too.

    The good news is that the ZF4HP has been around a long time and they are a pretty tough gearbox

    workshop manuals here-
    pdf Land Rover Manuals | Landroverweb.com
  8. Many thanks blobmeister and Bigcsm22, I shall follow up with Golf one one and check out Discovery 2.co.uk. I want to learn what the common faults are and how to fix them as taking the vehicle to the other side of town and leaving it for a couple of days each time is a pain in the backside, especially if I need the car for work / collect kids. Its also useful to be able to fix these things if out on a trip
  9. You will find every common fault and fixes on the website. You will not be disappointed. I use the website to repair mine. I knew nothing about them. Now I can figure out most things. Good luck. Great car
  10. Is it the V8 model?

    Does it make any difference whether or not you are in High Range or Low range?
  11. Jagman
    Yes it is the V8 4 litre Discovery 2 and the vehicle is in the Middle East. I did have this problem about 9 months ago and the garage I took it to said that it may be fluid/filter based so I must check on the receipts that they actually changed the filter fluid. I will get underneath the vehicle when I return from my current trip and use the manual description / pictures from the website to check that it is a ZF4HP 24. rather than the earlier 22. Bearing in mind what you said about heat and fluid breakdown and that the fluid should have been changed 9 months ago should I check the associated oil cooling system is working properly.
    I will also check ah of the battery and fluid level. I replaced this myself as the battery when I bought the car was not man enough and I normally buy the best I can at the right size but I may have cocked this up - I will check electrolyte.

    Westpoint The problem with M+S is intermittent however I have not checked it occurs in H and L - again I will do that as soon as I can and report back, It is now camping season and the vehicle needs to be ready for some trips out!

    Many thanks
  12. Thanks Bushmills
    I reda the first link which seems to suggest the failure happened after a good soaking so amy be electrical. My vehicle never sees water underneath as I am in a desert environment. I don't have starting problems and run the vehicle probably 120km a day on highway. I could not open second link

    Thank you for your advice
  13. I had this problem in the Simpson Desert so similar conditions.

    Essentially M and S lights come on when voltage is low.Dodgy coil causes this.

    Started off as just the lights then became difficult to start a couple of times.

    Changing coil fixed it. However, I have TD5 so V8 may have it's own foibles.
  14. Gents
    I am told my the Land Rover workshop that the problem is the gearbox inhibitor switch which is 450 quid in Dubai. I am in UK at the moment and would be grateful for advice where I can buy one cheaper here if possible
    Best regards M_D