Discipline in Japanese schools (how it should be done)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by conco, Feb 26, 2008.

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  1. A teacher at Yamata Elementary School in Yokohama, Japan, was disciplined in January after a finding that she improperly punished her class because a few students would not come to order. Officials said she lined up all students and walked down the row, slapping each one in the face.

    This is what we should do in British schools. It would stop the little sh*ts from misbehaving
  2. Nah, this is what you need (re a documentary on discipline in Japanese schools I saw called "Battle Royale"):

    "Every year, fifty 3rd year Junior High School (Grade 9) classes are chosen to participate in The Program. Each class is isolated, and its students are required to fight to the death until one remains. The survivor is the Program's "Winner". Of around 2,000 participants per year, 50 students - one per class - survive. To ensure students obey, an explosive metal collar is fixed around each student's neck. This collar will explode, killing the student, if they try to escape, or break certain rules. Students are also given a time-limit. If twenty-four hours pass without someone dying, then all collars will be detonated simultaneously and there will be no winner. It is mentioned that 0.5% of Programs end in this fashion. A Program supervisor announces new deaths every six hours."
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    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I made the mistake of Googling "Discipline in Japanese Schools". I've had to update my virus protection.
  4. I too have seen this documentary. I found that it posed some good pointers about how to handle the chav scum in our school. However, I think that it was wrong in one respect, I believe that The Programme should be televised so we, the public, can watch as these miscreants learn the error of their ways. I believe it will make for emotional TV as these chavs and chavettes have the sudden epiphany of their wrongs, just before being beheaded or blown up, brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it!
  5. More of a "wish fulfilment fantasy" for any of the teachers I talk to.
  6. Would have been better if she had been on one of those Japanese schoolgirl fetish sites and had smacked other pert girls bottoms rather than their faces.
  7. The book is far better than the film, and BR 2 is bonk.

    Like the concept though. What is the American version? 671 or what ever the number is. No good as the teacher dies too, in a Piric victory. Would be much better if the teacher finished on a "columbine".
  8. Battle royale 2 is great till they get off the beach .Imagine a bunch of air softers/ stabs trying to do a beach landing . :D
  9. Couldn't be any funnier than 40 RA.

    No, this isn't a request for a link to the clip.
  10. ...with no ammo - they had to get off the beach (under machine-gun fire) and onto land to reach the supply caches. Now THAT is harsh.