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Hello trying to find out some info, this is a proper long shot but here I go.

One of the girls form our unit was trialed by court martial after drink driving and destroying private property, she was given a number of awards, one of these was a recommendation that the CO take her BFG driving license away from her, for 2 years, and after allot of thinking about it, he agreed with the CM. However after a year, my new OC thinks that it’s been long enough and wishes to reinstate her BFG license. The CO will agree to this only if I can find out if any other unit has done this before, the CO does not want to be first CO to grant this and set precedence.

Has anyone came across this before, I've been ringing round some old friends and still no luck so I thought I would try here.
Not sure why a Courts Martial only recommended and did not withdraw the BFG licence, see below extract from JSP 341:

15.196 Withdrawal of F/MT 600. In certain circumstances, particularly in overseas stations, Service authorities may try Service personnel for offences relating to driving. If, in consequence, an individual is disqualified from driving Service vehicles, their F/MT 600 (where issued) and where appropriate BFG driving permit, is to be withdrawn.

And once banned the disqualification can only be lifted on appeal:

15.195 Disqualification and endorsement by courts outside the UK. An individual, who has been disqualified from driving by a civilian court, or banned from driving Service vehicles by a military court or by administrative action, is not permitted to drive a Service vehicle until
the disqualification or ban has expired or is lifted on appeal regardless of area of jurisdiction of the court - see Para 15.198.

Hope this helps
acrab! said:
Nice to see a CO scared to make a decision!
Wot he said.
If the CM ruled that her BFG driving license was to be removed, and not any other court, surely she should still hold a EU (European) Driving License, which can only be removed by a foriegn court upon request to a UK High Court????

My advice is to reap the benefits of not holding a BFG Driving license (ie no driving a mil vehicle), get somebody else to purchase the fuel tokens to fill up and crack on using your EU License, but don't park on camp!!!

Worth a try i think. :?

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