Disciple Tactical Equipment ?

Got their blast belt. Works fine, there was a slight sound of popping forcing issue Molle through the loops but no complaints. Not sure what their pouches are like, and their yoke looks odd.
To get those labels you only need to submit a few mtrs of cordura for testing and then the lables are issued assuming the cordura is up the the correct standard .
There is nothing stopping these companies, as far as I can see doing it with legit stuff just to get the lables .......Now IM NOT SAYING that this is what Deciple have done I Dont know ! but its worth concidering !
Also I think its made in tha far east ,hence the price !
just bought a disciple chest rig- seems well made and can fit a hefty amount of kit as the utility pouches have internal pockets to stash stuff in. My only criticism is that the admin panel is slightly too small to fit a note book in but is fine for cards etc and that the mag pouches do not have a secondary means of closure. Drop zone supplies have them for £90 and their tailoress could probably make any required modifications

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