Hi guys my son as just been in front of his Co. He as recommended he be discharged .As told him to hand in a plea to stay in within 48 hours.Would me ringing is welfare officer help is chances of staying in . Basically due to things happening at home with my health and is mothers he went awol for 13 days .he served 12 days in bulford and was put on a 3 month warning order .he as missed a couple off parades and it looks like the co wants shut of him.We didnt know the problems he was having .But after sitting down with him i got it out of him. Am i wasting my time trying to get is side over as they havent let him speak to the CO as yet, he was only in is office 3 mins .he is 18 and yes he as been a cock.Is a second chance lightly ....thanks in advance
why is this question in the Second person, when your sick notes question was in the first person?

Did they not buy that whole "I was nearly dying, honest" approach?
Nothing you try is going to make it any worse if he's going to get the boot anyway.
However, Civvies are climbing the fences at training establishments to join the army at the moment, Replacing an 18 year old admin case isnt going to be hard for a CO.
If the CO has seen him and given him 48 hours to prepare a statement then it is highly likely that - unless the statement contains some bit of information about your son's problems that no-one knew- the 130A (the form for your son's discharge) will be signed off by the CO and sent to the Brigade HQ to be rubber stamped. As someone else has said, there are so many people trying to join at the moment that second chances are becoming quite rare.

The reason his CO only had your son in the office for 3 minutes was to serve the paperwork on him. That was not the final interview. Once your son has entered his plea of mitigation at part 3 of the 130A (under the guidance of his Assisting Officer - assuming he hasn't turned one down), the CO will then fill out his part and forward it to the Brigade Commander. He should at that stage inform your son of his decision to proceed, assuminig he does even after mitigation.

The ultimate decision to retain/discharge your son rests with the Brigade Commander. He also may be swayed by mitigation (I've seen it in the past, but less so now that we're at full manning, or if the case involved drugs).

As WHF so rightly states, why should we keep someone who is incapable of even attending "a couple of parades" whilst on a 3 month W/O (and the terms of said order will have been described to him very carefully inideed) when we have eager young bucks desperate to get in?

The Chain of Command, quite rightly, will have formed a dim opinion of your son now as he appears less than motivated even when correctional measures have been applied.

Never mind, he could always apply to rejoin within 6 years an he won't have to do phase 1 again.
Thanks Guys. RD seems to have summed it up for me ....He as taken the assisting officers help ..But as you say probably to late in the Game..Just goes to prove as young kids being keen then doesnt always last. He did a year at harrogate and loved it there...But into the big boys world springs to mind .He would of been in 3 years this sept
Sorry Gazzer without knowing the full story on your son, the correct procedures by his CofC are being used here. He has been warned, given a chance messed it up then given a further chance to plead his case on the AFB 130 A. I would see no reason why the Army may wish to retain him.

Good Luck
RP578 said:
Back_at_RD said:
Never mind, he could always apply to rejoin within 6 years an he won't have to do phase 1 again.
After being SNLRed?
It depends on whether or not the CO has stipulated "not recommended for future service." Just because he's been a buffoon now doesn't mean he won't have an entirely new and more mature perspective once he's slogged it out in civilian strasse for a couple of years.

Besides which, by then the economy will have improved and we'll be short of blokes again. I would recommend that he doesn't try to rejoin his old unit though.

As for him having loved AFC, small wonder that he doesn't like the Field Army after the luxury they live in there. I was a Platoon Commander there for a couple of years and have never seen expenditure on training, sport and AT like it!
RP578 said:
Back_at_RD said:
Never mind, he could always apply to rejoin within 6 years an he won't have to do phase 1 again.
After being SNLRed?
I have two knobbers in my sqn at the moment who was SNLRed and allowed to rejoin (one was kicked out after a stint at MCTC). Although we are not so desperate any more.

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