Discharged twice, any chance of going back?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by riffmerchant11, May 1, 2011.

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  1. Hi i posted this in the re-enlistment thread, however it doesnt seem to be attracting many users, so here it is...


    I've been in the army twice now, 1st time was 16 years old PVR'd at the end of basic training, then I rejoined at 19, only served 18 months until the age of nearly 21, I had went AWOL and handed myself in after 3 months of being away, signed all relevant paperwork with the CO and served 40 days (total of 27 with remission) at MCTC colchester, I wasnt DD'd or OTH I received a satisfactory discharge because of the way I went about it, and my military record, all disciplinary records were clean and not an AGAI action in sight.

    Im not going to explain the reasons I absconded in detail, however, in a nutshell my fiance's ex husband was tipping up to her house and beating her about when i was down south at work, the unit treated it sympathetically and understood that it was catch 22 for me to just sit around and hear her crying on the phone, or to actually go do something about it, even though it would be in breach of my contract to the army.

    I would give my genitals to get back in now that her divorce is through, all child custody cases have been dealt with, and ive settled her and her daughter in a new home.

    As far as im aware its 2 strikes period, that could be rumour, i havent heard this officially, but if thats the case could I appeal in any way? I was a liked individual at unit by both my colleagues and higher command, i think if there was a chance of appeal my progress record would be favourable as well as my attitude towards the job, i loved it, and everyone saw that, just a shame outside life had to get in the way.

    I would even go to the extremes of a deed poll if that actually worked to get me a fresh start, ive been training towards microsoft certifications, the works, which to anyone is a great opportunity and a good money maker in civvy street, but my motivation isnt there, theres no drive in me like i had in the army, so if anyone has any advice, id appreciate it, i know the army is overmanned, i would wait as long as it took, im only 21 now and still have alot of years in me yet.

    Hope someone can help me out, would try talking to an AFCO online however closed for the royal wedding period.
  2. Given your record, I wouldn't employ you and I doubt that you would be given a third chance, particularly with the reductions.

    Personally I think this is a wah.
  3. Our survey said..........................BONK WAK
  4. the snail sez you can follow its dog around and pick up the ginger dog shit, minimum wage
  5. wah..? i havent heard one soldier use that in real life, must be a REMF term...

    anyway, there is room for genuine adults to reply here
  6. Unless there is someone posting on ARRSE who is currently working in an AFCIO you won't get your answer.
  7. What would you know about being a soldier AWOL boy?
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  8. Go ask a grown up in an AFCO, else got any piccie's of your missus' cunt?
  9. Wait, someone who's left the Army twice and has gone AWOL wants to speak about REMFs? Home is about as "Rear Echelon" as you can get.

    I heard that 49 Para is recruiting.

  10. Better yet riffmerchant pop down to your local ACIO. But prepare for the worst.

    Recruiting is up, spaces are down.

    What I would say is that with the quals that you mention the RSignals or the TA varient there of, could be interested in you. If the Regs are not that interested, the local TA Signals may well be.

    The TA have a fair few crunchy roles such as high readiness units and of course augmentee tours.

    Points to Note, I wouldn't start chopsing off about 'REMF's. You quit the first time round, then spent most of your second chance AWOL (for whatever reason). Not really a Super Soldier yourself, you probably didn't hear a 'real soldier' using the term 'Wah' because you were to busy running out of the front gate.
  11. Good luck with the recession splitter, my lawn needs cutting and theres a bag of chips in it for you though, I might stretch to a saveloy if you're lucky.
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  12. My reply to you was an adult reply. Given what you have told us, why would you be let back in? You appear to leg it when things get tough, not the sort of person the military are looking for no matter how much you say you are dedicated. There are a lot better people out there who would like a chance to serve.
    As a matter of interest, you say you went AWOL due to your fiancé having personal problems......why did you not see your OC or families officer rather then go AWOL?

    As for me being a REMF, I certainly am now as a civvie in KAF, oh, but where are you.....in the UK.....you couldn't even hack it as a soldier, where as I could.
  13. "You couldn't even hack it as a soldier"? Interesting phraseology.

    I take it your position at KAF does not require any level of diplomacy?
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  14. To cabana:

    I spoke to welfare and my OC several times, i was not approved for any compassionate leave because if i had gotten arrested for fighting with her ex hubby during what was supposed to be my working days, it would have been on their heads... duty of care for their soldiers or whatever they like to call it...

    One of you said with my record i am unemployable? That is a bit of a conclusive answer to give for someone you know little about, im asking for help, not some form of verbal punishment because of what i done, thats what colchester was for, and i served my time for what i done, of course i regret it.
  15. At a time when the Army are down sizing and people are waiting months to start training, do you really think the Army are going to waste their time on someone who quit the first time they joined and then went diffy the second time?

    You could go to your AFCO and get the info from the horses mouth, though I think you know what their answer will be which is why you're here asking random internet people for help.