Discharged Temperamental Unsuitability

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by EverythingsFiction, Mar 29, 2012.

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  1. Hello all,

    I was in the Navy for about 2 years as a rating before being discharged TU. It's been over 3 years since I left the Navy and now I'm coming to the end of my degree and I've grown up, got my head straight and want to join the Int Corps.

    My question is though will I even be considered due to being previously discharged TU? I remember the commodore who witness me sign the discharge form saying that "you will not be able to rejoin the navy or the police force in the future if I sign this form. Do I wish to proceed?" But I think he may of been saying that at the time to try to make me stay I'm not sure.

    I only got discharged due to a family tragedy.

    Anyone have a definate answer?
  2. I am guessing your degree course is not in English Literature ...
  3. That shooting spree on a submarine can't have done wonders for your career chances but not to worry, you got one over on them for being stupid enough to give you a rifle and real bullets.
  4. yes
  5. If you didn't fit in the first time, it's doubtful that the second time around will be any different. Given the fact that a lot of chaps are being released due to the military being downsized, I doubt that they will be rolling out the red carpet for you.
  6. Initial low life responses aside.... can anyone confim if they do indeed let people in my situation rejoin the armed forces?

    *EDIT Thanks Flash.

    Also it wasn't that I didn't fit in the first time around... I just had family problems so if you'd read my first post correctly would have knew that already.
  7. Now this is just a shot in the dark, a mere musing some may say, and there's no guarantee that it will work, but........

    Have you tried contacting a Armed Forces Careers Office. I've heard that they're quite knowledgeable in all things recruiting.
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  8. Without access to your P-file and medical documents, I doubt anyone on here could say for sure.

    However, given what you have said already, I would put it at almost certain you wouldn't get a security clearance to be badged Int Corps, even if the decided to let you back in.
  9. No need to get tetchy, Diddums!
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  10. I will stop you there.

    A geniune instance of "family problems" or hardship gets you an admin discharge, you on the other hand have done something else haven't you? possibly enough to earn you a trip to Colly or a TU?

    I knew a lad who got a TU aged 16/17-ish from the booties during basic and the army took him back 4 years later, that was during a recruitment drive though and he hadn't done anything to get himself in serious mither. You on the other hand got the push after 2 years of god knows what so I can't say in this day and age that the Int Corp is going to be falling over themself to take you when they have hundreds of other lads and lasses with no record of miltary offences wanting a place at an ATR.

  11. I'm not going to go into it on a public board but I had to take care of a member of my family for an extended period of time. At the worst my file may have the word depression written somewhere in it but only because I was living on a ship instead of being able to take care of my family member and was causing me to get quite emotional.
  12. Do you want people to lie to you?

    The answers going to be no.
  13. And no chip on your shoulder either?
    You are unlikely as others have stated to get SC cleared yet alone DV.
    But suggest your local ACIO may be able to help you better than us.
  14. Go to a careers advice office, they will be able to tell you.
  15. go in with the attitude that you weren't suitable at the time for the navy, and now you have matured enough you wish to try the Army, also you may wish to join as a Junior rank then try Officer later, Most my MI mates are degree level, just not their common sense.