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After the Government announcement that the Operational Allowance would be back dated and payment made before Christmas, me and a couple of the lads who had been out in Iraq for almost a year, thought nice one! Back on civvie street and the more beer tokens the merrier.

But has it turned up yet, has it F***. When you call AFPAA all you get is talk to your unit!, the dumb f***s seem to forget that as a Reservist you don't have a unit! When we've informed them that it is AFPAA that actually are responsible for the processing of the claim they just seem to scratch their a**e!

To this end I'd been grateful to know if anyone who has been discharged, prior to the claim being issued has actually received a payment. Prior to firing up a letter of complaint to the CE, and likely the press as to get some bloody action out of them. :frustrated:


Im afraid im in the same boat. I was in afghan when the 'bonus' was announced, then foolishly went on my second tour of iraq after that. Only was i to find out that, because i am (getting out very sharpish) a sponsored reservist that i am not entitled to such payments. Saying this ive heard rumour after rumour that even the paras and commandos who have/are serving in afghan arent going to see a single penny. Funny how the government announce a big payout when lads are getting killed then dont payout when the violence calms down to a degree. Ive set myself on never seeing such money and think it was just a pr stunt to draw attention to something other than the factors that really affect the forces.
Hopefully i will be proved wrong and that everyone who is entitled to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow will recieve it.



I have spoke to a few mates who were deployed as part of 16 Air Asslt, they are got theirs at the back end of December, however, as a sponsored reserve you are not entitled as per JSP 752 section 13.

The remainder of the reserve forces who are entitled, are supposed to be getting processed by APFAA/Final Pay Section who appear to be the offending body at this moment.

Sorry Matey.

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