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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by stubear2, Dec 7, 2007.

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  1. Hi there

    I was discharged from the Navy on Weds for poor personal organisation.

    I was just over 8 weeks into basic training.

    I was struggling slightly to adhere to their high standards in kit, I thought my kit was alright, but I failed some of the kit musters and would say that I couldn't get my footwear as shiney as some of my oppo's.

    Nevertheless despite struggling with some parts of kit maintenance I enjoyed military life very much and was upset at leaving.

    The Navy told me I would not be allowed to reapply with them for 2 years, but I think by that time I will have settled back into civvy street and never reapply.

    I am still very keen on a career in the military, and was looking at applying for a similar job in the Army.

    Do you think I would have any chance in applying for the Army, or would they tell me to GTF because of my discharge from the Navy?


  2. Try asking on Rum Ration. Not that they'll be able to help you............it's just that we all think you're a loser.

    Squid bait.
  3. No harm to you Stu but to be SNLR from the Navy is not a great thing on your CV to get into the Army. If you struggled with kit at Torpoint then you will really struggle in Army basic training. Sorry that things did not work out but trust me a SNCO instructor at ITC Catterick or a depot makes HMS Raleigh staff look like Hi De Hi staff.

    What trade were you going to join as ?
  4. whys that?

    are kit musters and presentation the same in the Army?

    as about 70% of Navy basic training is kit related, and that was not something I was aware of or prepared for.
  5. Communications.
  6. I guess I've had my chance,

    thanks for the advice guys, was just looking for some info.
  7. Is Poor Personal organisation Navy speak for 'Grot' ?
  8. I am sorry Stu. Comms is a good trade. I hope that you can re-apply and perhaps in 2 years get back in. In the meantime keep your yourself fit and perhaps try the RNR or a TA Unit nearby to polish up on your skills.

    I wish you all the best.

    Chin up & all that.
  9. Stu, get your arrse to the ACIO and tell them the truth, they can only say no.
  10. Seeing that Royal Navy Basic Training is 9 weeks long, followed by Phase 2 Trade Training, you must have been one slovenly sailor. You would have been given ample opportunities to ensure that your kit and yourself were presentable, with your Training staff's 'encouragement' of course.
    Perhaps you are better suited to a life of feckless laziness, your time at Raliegh was obviously wasted.
    Please don't come over to RR as you'll really get a new one ripped for you.
  11. Guys

    Give the chap a break. He did not cut the mustard and had the integrity and zest to post a wee dit here. He is 48hrs into civvy strasse and upset and down. Give the wee lad a bit of support. Fair play to him. If he was your son or nephew would you like to see him get a cyber kicking ?
  12. Is giving up easily a family trait?
  13. thanks for the replies 58_Pattern.

    admin please feel free to remove this thread,

    I will wait and see what the ACIO say.
  14. A grunt in the army is going to say oh failed the navy oh not so good for us then. For one reason they would not like to think the army has lower standards to take cast offs or second options for another the grunts place undue riggour and consitancy to these tests.

    The best thing you can do is just apply. Forget to mention your naval efforts if possible.

    People take a disproportionate amount of meaning from these things. The "army always know". People pass or failed get rank on merit alone, sure some people might be better than other but there not 100 percent conistancy.

    People, tests interpretations and your efforts are not always consistant. Think about other tests you have done some days you might have passed other not with some groups you work well others not. There too many variables I would take there opion with a pinch of salt.
  15. How can I forget to mention my naval efforts, surely it will come up or they will find out with checks.

    and I will look dishonest