discharged from MPGS without a medical

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by azz1974, Feb 28, 2013.

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  1. Hi i was dicharged from the M.P.G.S without a medical is it right that happened?
  2. It depends why you where discharged, if you where discharged for shooting at your boss or Gross Missconduct you probably dont need a medical
  3. to be honest it was due to not passing my fitness test over a few years. my ssgt and our OC (a naval officer ) desided that they did not want to follow army regs and that they could deal with it there own way .
  4. 01253 333494

    I'd have put more, but I'm not in a good mood.
  5. When you say that you were discharged, does this mean that your engagement was not renewed using the 6848 to allow you to serve a further three years in the MPGS or did 'they' apply for your discharge through APC at Glasgow?
    If your 6848 wasn't put through to request a further three year engagement because you hadn't completed the MATTs package, by failing the PFA, during your last three year engagement as required by AGAI 46, then they were following the 'Army Regs', as you put it.
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  6. i have found out that they have to retest you for your pfa and then if you fail you have to see the MO for a M.O.T and then set you up on a remedial program they did none of these. they said that they were renewing my contract and then said no and they had to extend my contract so i could carry out my resettlement were no advice or assitance was given .
  7. Did they sack you because you're a chod?
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  8. Say it like it is Biscuits!!!
  9. Isn't the terms of your contract based on 'mutual' consent?

    I find it suspicious that an OC irrespective of Service wil ignore QR's without involving your HQ element, and have you spoke to anyone from Southwark Park?
  10. You couldn't even pass a basic fitness test even though you had years to do so. Irrespective of how you were discharged, you were basically stealing wages the whole time.

    Stop clamouring for compensation and sort your life out you fat ****.
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  11. I find it hard to believe that you weren't ordered to attend a retest for your failed PFA. Note, the use of the word ordered; this isn't your chain of commands decision but comes under the remit of the gymnasium i.e. the QMSI. I would be interested to hear the full story on this one.
  12. Under annex A to AG/HQ/1-8, the PFA failure routine is:

    PFA fail,
    Retest within 7 days,
    OC interview,
    AGAI 67,
    Remedial training for 3 months,
    (if fail) further Agai action,
    3 months remedial,
    If fail CO considers sanctions.

    Sounds like after years of your failures they've finally decided to get rid of you by not recommending your 6848.
    Frankly the fact that you haven't passed a PFT in years is disgusting and it's about time they freed up your PID for someone willing to put a bit of effort into the job.
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  13. Such articulate, helpful replys. You useless *****! Gotta love people that sit safely behind their keyboards dishing out the insults. *******! :) as you can tell Im having a great day.
  14. **** off you utter bellend. You haven't got the faintest ******* idea about anyone on this thread you ******* waste of oxygen. Some people here have worked their ******* selves to a shred and you complain because you get sacked for failing to do your ******* simple brain-dead job.

    **** off and set fire to your face you ******* limpet.
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  15. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Year to pass a PFT in your full time job, with loads of 'down time' and still a fat biff?

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