Discharged for failing PFT??

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by help_needed, Feb 12, 2010.

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  1. on phase 2 training, having passed all exams etc of your chosen career, Back coursed once because of injury, then back coursed again because of failing PFT.. Given 3month warning order but already told of being discharged.. Where would u stand?
  2. sorry - already been told of discharge after 1day of being on the warning order.
  3. I feel for you mate, but the Army are quite stringent on the physical standards, they're not the hardest to maintain but its a minimum you need to meet and maintain, I'd consult your GP or the MO if I was in your shoes.

    The MO might be able to offer some better advice depending on the injury i.e physiotherapy or what-not.

    The bootnecks for example maintain their "hunter" company for example for recruits who have problems with admin and physical standards and once they are meeting their standards they are recycled into training.

    It's not the end of the world, best thing to be is positive about it, depending on the outcome of your medical exam if you haven't had one is that eventually you may recover from it and re-enlist if your medically discharged.
  4. The dole queue?

    Seriously, you should speak to your ACIO. Did your fail on the PFT occur because of your injury? Is the injury healed and are you fully recovered? and MOST important of all in the current recruitment climate. Are YOU what WE want?
  5. Could be a wah?
  6. Iv served in afghanistan and re enlisted, but had to re do phase 2. iv come bk in as the same as i was before. my injury is healed. and i failed my pft on my run through not enough 1.5mile practise. Obviously everyone in my situation will say "iam what you need" but i have been told the job i do is great, its just my fitness letting me down. I just cant get back to the standard after my injury. but i have been trying. currently working in the gym 2 sessions every day. on the programme already set. Im just concerned about where this is going to leave me? after all the time on this programme i still cant crack 10.30mins. i do 11. i pass both press ups and sit ups.
  7. just to add in my defence, i have passed my CFT since the injury, and also passed every exam with high marks. I have a squeeky clean record - im not bigging my self up or anything but honestly the only thing they have on me for discharge is failing my pft.
  8. Ok, even I'm curious as to how you've already completed phase 2 and done an operational tour before, and left, and within a few years re-enlisted and have to redo the whole phase 2? :?
  9. I suggest you get off your arrse, leave the PC alone, and get your running shoes on then. You know what you need to achieve, why talk about it. Get out and start hitting the pavement.
  10. Theres me thinking running is the lesser of 2 evils compared to a 4/8 mile tab :D
  11. What 'programe' is this? Is it one a qualified APTI, APTC SI/SSI/QMSI rehab/physio has created or is it one you are just doing your self?

    Two sessions a day could be too much.

    Sounds like you need to talk to your CoC and find out what htey are actually saying to you.

  12. Tabbing i find easy. and all this phys im doing i thought id be sailing through the pft. my body feels like its at a block.

    all im after is some advice that is all
  13. You could be overtraining. If this program is set by a PTI, they would know that they won't get real results from you doing two sessions a day every day. You should only be training about four times a week and if its your running that is suffering, concentrate on running with body weight exercises thrown in i.e. pressups and situps. The PFT is a minimum requirement that demonstrates stamina so that is what you need to work on and you can only do that by doing cardio.

    Talk to the QMSI at the gym and get some advice and a proper program.
  14. run more; eat less