Discharged due to dietary issues

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme 2010' started by Azzr71, May 23, 2013.

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  1. Whilst I understand that the Armed forces must reduce in size and re-structure, I find it hard to digest (no pun intended) why they feel the need to discharge perfectly fit individuals. I was recently (2012) pre selected for promotion to Warrant Officer. At the same time I was diagnosed with having Coeliacs disease, a dietary issue that requires an individual to maintain a Gluten free diet. I personally did not think that this would be a major issue and continued with my military career as normal, passing all mandatory annual tests and continuing to perform to the standard that was expected of me as a potential Warrant Officer. However, after a consultation with an occupational health board, they deemed my condition to be non deployable and awarded a medical grade of Medically Non Deployable Permanent (MND(P)). This grade has brought my career to a standstill and subsequently resulted in my being de-selected for promotion. Am I the only serving member within the Army that has dietary requirements? If not, then surely all other serving officers and soldiers with this condition or other dietary requirements should stand by. Food for thought, senior officers, decision makers and policy writers within the MOD should take a good look at the field Army and review careers of individuals of ALL ranks that have spent their career coasting along, unfit and unable to pass mandatory tests or other individuals that have more serious medical conditions, before kicking out perfectly fit individuals who can still commit to a full and active career.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    You are not 'perfectly fit' if you have Coeliacs disease. It would have prevented you from joining in the first place if you had it then.
  3. However if you are TA and develop the condition - not a problem.

    Simply have the CoC repeatedly ignore the problem and allow the affected individual to continue serving, even to the extent of allowing him to purchase his own food for weekend training camps then reimbursing him afterwards.

    Hypocritical *****.
  4. JSP 950

    "Intestinal malabsorption syndromes
    4E.09. Gluten sensitivity. Candidates with a history of gluten sensitive enteropathy (Coeliac Disease) or gluten sensitivity are graded P8"
  5. P8? no i am graded P7In responce to msr's post above Coeliacs disease is a condition one is born with, i only found out that i had it two years ago. To date i have had a successful career (25 years) and deployed on various tours without an issue, but now that the Army now about it, they decide to discharge me.
  6. Well according to the holy medical bible that is JSP 950 you should be P8.
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  7. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Q. Can you deploy, safely, for an extended period without incident using standard equipment and rations?

    A. No.

    I don't know about nowadays but a few years ago you would possibly have been offered a chance to rerole to something wearing Trousers, Men's, Non-Ferocious such as dental administration or a brigade staff role but I would imagine those options are fewer.
  8. The answer maybe no due to ration packs, but lets face it most places now have fresh rations with the exception of FoBs, that coupled with the fact that i am in the AGC, make for an interesting debate on whetehr i could be retained.
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  9. Perhaps the brutal answer is that with cutbacks the first people to go are those with medical conditions that do not allow for full deployability? I'm in no way making light of your situation - but as a former P7 through injury, I ended up leaving of my own volition - but am in very little doubt that I would now be considered for redundancy as a result of the nature of my injury limiting my deployment options (much as I kicked, fought and battled for umpteen review boards).

    It's not a fun situation to be in and I wish you luck.
  10. thanks drops, but i feel that is out of my hands and i now prepare for life outside.
  11. Azzr71, how did things go with your PAP10/ Med discharge? I only ask, as i now find myself going through the same process, after the results of my recent Occ Health Med Board.Many thanks in advance for any info or advise you could offer...Best Regards
  12. But they can't guarantee it

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  13. Crarrvmonster, All i can say is that you have to let it run its course and seek advise from RBL and Civi Solicitor, i will let you know how i get on mate. Good luck