Discharged due to admin error

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Jimw100, May 13, 2009.

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  1. Right, I don't know if anyone will be able to help but I appear to be a bit stuck as to who I can ask/complain to about this as I keep getting the same answers over and over.

    Is there anything I can do to have a discharge reversed, or at least have it taken off the record that I was discharged for non-attendance?

    I had to be out of the country for 6 months due to me getting posted abroad for my civvy job. Now I know normally you start getting letters asking why you haven't turned up and threatening to send the bailiffs around to get your kit back if you don't turn up for a few months, so I did what I thought was the sensible thing and asked my OC what I should do.

    He tells me to just send the PSAO a letter requesting a leave of absence and saying that I will be out of the country and all will be fine, I should just come back in when I return and carry on as before.

    Whilst away I had decided to transfer to a different regiment, so when I got back to the UK I got in touch with them, then filled in the transfer form etc.

    Now I receive a phone call from the new Regt saying that they had a call from the old Regt saying I have been discharged; the Coy have been sending letters to my old address and got no reply (these letters appear to have never arrived, as I had plenty of other mail forwarded to me). Often in the past letters meant for other people in the Coy have been accidentally sent to me as there are about 4 of us with the same name, so I think perhaps this could have happened again.

    I tried to explain the situation but without a letter from the old Regt stating that it was all a mistake on their part it may be that the new one, understandably, wants nothing to do with me, and the old Regt don't look likely to write such a letter any time soon.

    P.S apologies for the confusing "old Regt" "new Regt" wording but I don't really want to step on anyone's balls too much by looking like I'm whining about poor admin

  2. yep; yours.
  3. Well, I would write a letter to your MP, if you know who he/she is. Enclose a copy of any old correspondance etc, explaining your situation. A letter from an MP often works wonders were bureucracy and officialdom are concerned. The TA and MoD are no exceptions. :)
  4. Nice advice BB....

    Litterally the same thing happened to me. In the end I just re-enlisted, got a new number and soldiered on.

    Good luck mate. You'll find that if the fuck up is at your old unit then they're most likely going to be unhelpful about the hole thing. In the end it was quicker for me to re-join then to try and get my discharge reversed.

    Good luck!

    T C
  5. Sorry BB, not sure what you're getting at there...

    My first post wasn't all that clear as I was trying to keep it short; I only put in the transfer request when I got back to the UK so the new Regt have had the right address for me from day one.

    If the old Regt sent mail to my old address it would have been forwarded to me (I have received payslips from the army that were sent to this address so not sure why only specific letters would go missing).

    Having been told that I wouldn't need to worry about letters asking me to return my kit I don't see what else I should have done to admin myself properly.

    TC: Cheers for that. I'm just a bit worried that I won't be able to re-enlist because I've been marked out as a soldier that never bothered to turn up!
  6. Hmm, would they not want to transfers listed on their books perhaps. Discharge fine but not a rejection of the unit - all my moves between distant cities went through with no problems but moving close by - entirely different.

    and I've seen the similar since
  7. Return kit to old unit and re-enlist at new one. Can't see the problem so long as you're upfront with your new unit.

    A mate of mine had the same problem with letters that wern't for him but for a soldier of the same name. Think he just had a word with the psao and all got sorted. (Come to think of it, he went abroad for work.......)
  8. How long have you been discharged? It's an easy process for someone to be un-terminated, 10 minute job. If you've not been out too long you'll get your old number back too.

    You can't have the old termination record cleared (ie reason for termination - no show etc) but no-one is going to see that except HR staff.
  9. Maybe they didn't like you!

    Your welcome.

  10. I was told that it was pretty easy to un-do, but the unit who'd discharged me dragged their heels and 'ummed and aaahed' so long that I gave up with them.

    By all means try and get it un-done, but it's not the end of the world if you can't.

    T C