Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Hairyhaw, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. Handed my kit back into stores back in February and was told by the unit secretary when signing bits of paper and handing the MOD 90 back that "it might be a while before I got my papers through". Fair enough I thought, Kentigern wasn't exactly quick off the blocks to pay me (2 conflicts worth of admin to do etc.) when I joined so why should they be any quicker now I've jacked it.

    That said, a little brown envelope containing a payslip (A3220B) was popped through the letterbox yesterday. Obviously there's sod all money to pay me as I've not trained for donkeys.

    Have to say I'm slightly confused though.

    Is this a final payslip? Or am I still waiting on a "you are now officially out, now fcuk off" piece of paper to come through?

    Or, slightly more controversially, has my old mob still got me on strength in a massaging manning figures exercise?
  2. Does it look different to your old paysheets? We had paysheets for every TA soldier and Officer on the books arrive last week - but they were all £0.00; it was a sort of 'welcome to JPA' apparently
  3. Yeah, pay £0.00 and it is different from the one's I'm accustomed to. Without wishing to put myself across as an Army Form spotter, the old one's are marked AF3220A.

    I assume by JPA you mean the APC's got some sort of new-fangled pay machine that is all-singing, all dancing?

    But I take it this also means I'm still on the books for whatever reason?
  4. Basically yes.
    There's been a 'freeze' on SOS'ing people for a while now due to the changeover to JPA (looking back at your first post - feb- so definately) its just a case of them striking you off strength when they get the proper user level to do so. There's a big list of things to do in various orders ; check peoples bank details, check no-ones missing etc. They'll get round to you eventually, a month at the latest at a guess
  5. Don't believe them...Struck off strength? Yeah right. I would expect a compulsory mobilisation any day now. That'll teach you to draw attention to yourself at a time of falling manpower!
  6. Question about the new JPA pay slips it might be abit to ask but the final pay amount on the bottom right is that what your getting paid with tax already taking off or without?
  7. They surely can't take me now I'm too fat to get through my front door, let alone stag on?!?
  8. they will just paint you tan and claim you are one of those giant fighting robots fres is supposed to deliver :D