Thankyou for your kind word and at this time i am trying to sort out my appeal for to up grade my % with my war pension and the BL will be there. Can you gave any advice it you have been at the appeal or any thing that might help my case.
Hi There

I was initiially discharged with 30% PTSD plus other amounts for injuries, I appealed this and was awarded 40% for the PTSD, I have recently asked for a review and it was increased to 50%.

I am now on a total of 70%

Try to get as much medical evidence or any evidence and go through the statement of case with a fine tooth comb you will be amazed at the amount of errors i found.

Hi Thunderpants,
Thanks for the advice and in the post I have just received a copy of the Statement of case and a Supplementary Statement as well. They said that a copy will be sented to my rep. at the British Legion.
Will have a good read and see what it all about.


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