Discharge whilst under Medical Care! Any Advice

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by 24lastmansir, Jan 18, 2012.

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  1. Hi, I have a question which I am going to chase up with the CoC when confirmed. I have done 24 years and over the past 16 yrs have had 4 Operations on my right ankle, due osteoarthritis (sporting injuries not Operational). The last one was April last year, none have been successful : ( My Discharge date is April this year. After the last Op the surgeon said that he recommended an ankle fusion or replacement as it was only going to get worse, I declined at that point as I had so many courses etc booked for resettlement. In October I was on a Med board and was re graded P7 Perm + all the other Numbers associated. I then received a letter from the surgeon (Military) for a consultation in Jan, I spoke to the surgeons secretary and asked if it was possible to have a chat with him as I was on a resettlement course on that day and to travel from NI to Catterick was not convenient, I spoke to him and rescheduled for the following week. During this chat he reiterated the courses of action open to me to live with the pain or go for fusion or replacement. I have a feeling after the chat that he is going to ask me again if I want the Op, the pain is unfortunately pretty bad and its not going to get any better so I am seriously considering it. So that is the rather long background (Sorry) now for the question.

    If I have the Op it will probably be in March or even end of April, I am discharged in mid April the recovery time for fusion is generally 4-6 weeks total rest 3-4 months limited weight baring, 4-5 months no driving, then 6-9 months to pretty much recovery.

    How or will having the Op effect my discharge date? I have been given conflicting info so far ranging from you cant be discharged whilst still under current medical care to it wont effect it at all despite the fact that if I have the op I wont be able to work for a fair while.

    Any advice much appreciated.

    Just to confirm this is normal discharge not medical or redundancy.

  2. If you have been injured as a result of combat operations which results as P0 you will undergo rehabilitation within the Armed Forces until such time you are rehabilitated sufficiently for the NHS to provide the requisite level of care.
  3. If you haven't already done so, fill in a compensation claim through SPVA Norcross and give them a ring on 0800 169 2277. Website here: Armed Forces Compensation Scheme

    I would advise speaking to your Adj/RAO/Welfare officer and ask them to check to see if your service can be extended to cover your operation and rehabilitation time; I'm certain that it can as we have a regular soldier that is happening to currently (he was originally going to be extended by 18 months but opted for 6 months himself). You can always apply to have your resttlement defferred for up to 2 years after you've left, confirm this with your IERO.
  4. Thanks for the advice, Unfortunately the injuries on the ankle stem back to 96 ( so afcs looks a non starter more war pension structure) a sporting injury on a Sarajevo tour, which is all recorded & is on the Med board paperwork as are the previous Operations and the record of the surgeon recommending the fusion/replacement. My decision now is do I opt for the Operation and probably be laid up for 6-9 months or reject it again and get out & take my chances with War pension. I will need the op in the next 3-5 years as a matter of course. Hence my selfish thoughts of maybe have the surgery soon with very good Mil surgeon get 6-9 months extended service on med grounds thru PRU?/unit, with pay and leave after that! I have asked my RAO to look it up but TBH seemed a bit lost lots of ooh but ahh but it's not my comfort zone can you ask the PRU. I'm gonna chase it up myself between now and next week which is when the consultation is.

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  5. Just thought I would pass this info on: I was in your situation about 2 years ago looking at possible fusion of the ankle (OCD 3). I took a second opinion and was offered an ankle operation which removed the dead matter and replaced it with artificial bone ( True fit Plugs). As the pain prevented me from normal work etc I opted for this operation. Nearly two years on, have full range of movement and can do pretty much what I want however I don't do high impact. The procedure is relatively new and it is not known what will happen with the Plugs in my ankle. But I do enjoy full range of movement and can do limited running around with the kids etc. The fusion may be needed in the future but I hope not.

    Speak to a consultant about it. My ankle was pretty well shagged; the op was done in Germany which was a bonus as I believe it was quite pricey. Let me know if you need any more info.
  6. Thanks for that DJ I had the consultation yesterday, I have to go see an ankle specialist in North Allerton In the next few weeks I'll ask him, I am still no further on with the likelihood of extended service if the Op is required, rules changed last Monday apparently buy no one knows them. So far that's the Adj, Regional Oc Health team , The Surgeon & SPVA who don't know am gonna try Glasgow Oc health then think am gonna have to give up turn the Op down. Have worked out that to be discharged just after the Op and not being able to work whilst in the recovery stage is not financially viable.

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  7. i wouldnt turn the op down, theres some blurb in the medical pensions part that if you unreasonably refuse treatment offerd then you might not qualify for any compo or medical pensions /war pension, granted your situation is slightly differnent due to having done more than 22 years and your going ot get an imediat pension, but if i was you i would get some advice about your situation off the forces pension society, they can review your case details and are generally a lot better informed than the local CoC, it might well be that your going ot get your afps 75 pension and be given bugger all compared to a med discharge which oddley enough opens up income streams you might not of thought about.

    then theres the other side of things like not getting the op before you leave you might not be able ot get it on the nhs for 10+ years based on there critera for performing such ops, which includes the fact you already refused it ...