Discharge wanted ASAP can anyone help please?

Hi, my boyfriend desperately wants out of army. He put his notice in, but not agreed until 2009.

Can anyone give any tips to get him out sooner? Can he buy out?

Drugs. Only amounts that could be considered "for personal use'. Get caught once, recieve counselling and probation. Then get caugfht again, out.Then he should kill himself, as he's a piece of crap who can't live up to contractual obligations or , more importantly, his oath. Why ever would you ask this tripe on a board full of proud professionals? Windup?
How long has he done?,18 month notice used to be a standard thing so I don't think the Army are asking to much
no wonder people want out if it's full of ppl with your attitude. People have their reasons and I see your life must be so damn perfect to jump to such conclusions. How you could suggest someone killing themselves shows what a shallow individual you are. You don't even deserve being referred to as human.
Hi, been in army nearly 7 yrs, gave notice but there's been an admin problem with discharge request so looks stuck there until 2009, thought would be the new yr. He's worked hard and not been in trouble but wants out ASAP. Thanks
Ooh someones tired
It would go better for him if he just grits his teeth and finishes his time,what seems desparate now might not be in a months time,as for the drugs way,think about what effect it will have on his future career prospects.Also bear in mind that you cannot always get what you want straight away,the Army have invested a lot of time and money in his training and he should respect the terms he accepted when he enlisted,and at the end of the day its not that long is it?
thanks for the constructive and helpful reply. It's not that long but under circumstances it is really. He wouldn't do drugs so that's not an option anyway. We were just hoping there would be a way to do it the right way but get out early.

Thanks again
How about applying for a posting? Maybe a break away from his unit or whatever could help.


dl1981 said:
Hi, my boyfriend desperately wants out of army. He put his notice in, but not agreed until 2009.

Can anyone give any tips to get him out sooner? Can he buy out?

2009? Waahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahaha! F8cking brilliant!
If he has served 7 years then, unless he has been on a course that required him to extend his service, he is entitled to give a year’s notice to transfer to the reserve. By the time he knocks terminal leave, and possibly some annual leave off this, then he’ll be out next summer.

If there has been an admin screw-up then it can be sorted so that your boyfriend is not disadvantaged – discharge papers can (and must) be legitimately backdated if the originals have been lost.

The Army expect people to live up to the commitment they have signed up for, but will not deliberately cheat people into giving extra service. Whatever happens your boyfriend must not break the law.
thanks for your help. He will not break the law he isn't that kind. His life after army is just as important and will not jeopardise any future career prospects either.

The cock up is partly his fault because he signed to leave jan but didn't know that it's a year AFTER the date you declare on the form. What he should of done is put the date on that he submitted the form. Although this is his error, do you think this will be recognised and the forms recognised as the original submission. The advice given was to cancel and start again but my concern is that any time will be from now. Thanks for your help if you can advise further that would be great


dl1981 said:
thanks, could be an option to help. Thanks for advice.
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He's not happy then?
If he signed the form last January, intending to be ‘discharged’ this coming January then I think any reasonable person can see that a mistake was made on the form – people don’t give an extra year’s notice to leave!

Don’t know what rank he is etc, but he should initially talk to a Sergeant / Junior Officer about this – hopefully they will sort it with the Admin people. If they can’t help then he should talk to his Officer Commanding.

I really can’t see there being a problem sorting this out – the Army is a good employer, and if there has been a genuine cock up, it will be sorted.
if any of the above fails then surely he can withdraw termination of service (click a button on JPA) then resubmit application to terminate service and he'll only have a year to serve. if he gets that sorted on monday then he'll be out in a year (even my maths makes that Sept 2008 and not Jan 09)
Fallschirmjager said:
Alternatively he could chop off his leg and thus get a medical discharge.
Its always the easy option from you :lol:

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