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I was issued black daps in 83, still got them somewhere.

IICR those who had a reserve liability (probably the wrong term) used to have to report in periodically to muster stations with their discharge kit. I think they got a days pay and expenses for it.

I could have course dreamt the whole of the above :)

No, you were correct, once a year for 3 years I had to report to mill hill barracks, get dicked about for a few hours, and get a days pay, in cash.. On the final one I asked about the retention kit, and was told its now mine to dispose of it as I choose. I still have bits of it. came of the short term reserve in 1984, and the long term reserve in 1995.


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Demob 1918/19
Clothing was not in great supply in the UK at that time and millions of soldiers at the demob centres were allowed to keep the following as gifts.
one shirt,
boots and socks,
They were also allowed to keep their greatcoats but on arrival home they could hand these in at the nearest railway station and collect £1, but many of these stayed on beds as 'quilts' for many years. You may ask about the trousers? Soldiers were awarded £28 on discharge, they could buy a pair of trousers for ten shillings (50 P) for years this was said to be some 'higher up' Qm's fiddle?


A boring reply but based on experience albeit 2012. As a Cpl spammed to work in the QM department, guys who had served under 10 years retained 'home retention scale' that included CS95 smock, jacket, trousers, CAB, 2 x shirt, 2 x socks, issue trainers, towel, belt, headdress, specs insert for S10 (if held) and a holdall. I did however meet guys in the TA a few years later who had retained their S10 and Mk6.


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I was the POL store man for a bit, was I suppose to hand it back in when I left?
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