Right troops, advice please.

I have recently discharged from my unit due to my own personal reasons although the form did say 'work commitments'.
Tbh i had put in for a transfer and this was denied by my CO. It's fair to say the toys went out the pram somewhat.

Anyway, i'm looking to rejoin a unit more fitting to my interest/ skillset and ASAP.
The problem being i am now 'being processed for discharge' by my previous unit. Does anyone know:
1: How long this process could take
2:If there's anything i could do to speed it up?

My old PSI wasn't very pleased due to my non-attendance in the end so prob wont get any help there

Long and short of it is i'm not getting any younger and wish to do what i can

Hope this all isnt too vague!


Kit Reviewer
I suspect that if your MPAR/SJAR said you weren't a good attender and you say you couldn't stay in the TA due to work commitments then you might have problems. That said you only have to ask one of the other units in your area whether you can join them. But this time make sure it fits your skill set. Good luck.


If your CO would not let you transfer, you will have a few issues getting a unit to pick you up.....

Attendance is a huge issue these days,

I think a call to Glasgow might clear your options...

Good luck.

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