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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Never_Served, Feb 4, 2008.

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  1. Good afternoon gents,
    I wonder if you could provide a little information, or point me in the right direction please.
    I run a small company and have advertised for a new member of staff.
    One of the applicants, during our initial telephone interview, stated he is ex-Army and we had an 'interesting' chat.

    I've invited him along for formal interview, mainly to find out if he is the Walt I'm expecting to see, I'm quite a good judge of people and he doesn't smell right, even over the 'phone.

    My main question is what sort of information would I expect to see on his Discharge Papers?
    Should they document exactly what he's done in service or are they open to a little speculation (thus allowing him to manufacture roles too secret to put down on paper)?


  2. Thanks for all the help.

    Do I take it from the lack of replies after 75 views that you all approve of the fact that non-military guys don't know what your paperwork looks like, and so you can take advantage of this fact and embellish or lie your way into a new position?
  3. Journo?
  4. Nope, just surprised that after all the posts on here regarding Walts, nobody can be bothered to help prevent one furthering their career
  5. Get off your high horse Stu, we hadn't all seen your post.

    It's a roughly A5 size red plastic covered book. So if he waves a stack of A4 at you, it's bollocks.

    I'll have to go and dig mine out to give you more detail, as I haven't looked at it for years.

  6. Fair point sir, but 75 of you had read it and I'm up against the clock
  7. With the amount of fraud going on you should praise the guys here for not putting the details up so that they are available for people to forge and provide false documentation at interview
  8. I have seen A4 sized red books.
  9. Not asking for specifics as such, just an answer to the posted question, is he likely to have done anything that wouldn't be on his papers that I have only his word for and I can't confirm.
    PM would work too
  10. What's he applying for and is the information that is too 'secret' to go on his paperwork relevant to the job?

    Discharge paperwork usually has broad brush statements about the sort of employment that someone has been involved in. Having said that, if anyone has been inolved in anything "too secret" then I would imagine that it couldn't be included on the documentation for obvious reasons.

    Unless anyone knows any different?
  11. Sorry to disagree, but the 'Red book' A5 or any other size, has been superceded. I have recently left the service, and you get between 3 - 4 A4 pieces of paper, detailing your service, spec quals, honours and awards and final review.

    The documents contain a 'holographic' mark, (The Tri service badge I think, can't be arrsed to dig it out), which should prevent fraud. The holder however, is entitled to photocopy the original document, to ensure it stays in tip top condition.

    Hope this helps.
  12. Stu,

    I got out in 03 and recieved an A4 sized red folder. A few pages listing Military Qualifications, what they equate to in civvy street and a brief pen picture. Basic job description at time of leaving, brief history of the type of op's undertaken (arduos op tours, worked well under pressure, leadership etc. etc.) and a bit about my (lack of) personality.

    'Pen pictures' differ from CO to CO, some more indepth than others.

    Hope this helps a bit?
  13. edited to add, all honours and awards will be listed, even if issued to 'them' but it wont specify units, just (as example) General Service Medal, Clasp NI etc.
  14. Not all, I have the UN medal, which to date I have been unsuccessful in having added to my final paperwork. Fortunately I have the certificate issued by the UN to prove that I am not a Walt.

    Tried everything, nothing worked. Out of service, out of mind.

  15. 3-4 pieces of A4 watermarked thick paper... little to no real information on it. Tri service logo on bottom right (or left) corner.... older ones (mid nineties) are red A5 sized with cheap looking photocopies..... got out twice and these look nicer than the first time round!