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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by devilsmart303, Jul 6, 2011.

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  1. hey everyone my discharge papers says QR 1975 Paras 9.371 or 9.379b. What exactly does that mean?
  2. Queens Regs 1975 Paragraphs 9.371 or 9.379b
  3. 9.371 - "Welcome to the Regular Reserve" :nod:
    9.379b - There should be another reference here for your "Cause of Termination".
  4. Well there is also a stamp that say UNSUITABLE FOR ARMY SERVICE"
  5. so will that bar me from re-joining?
  6. I think it means you are shit.

    I'll have fries with that,
  7. unsuitable |ˌənˈsoōtəbəl|

    obsolete : similar, matching
    a: adapted to a use or purpose <unsuitable for kitchen use>
    b: satisfying propriety : proper <unsuitable dress>
    c: able, qualified <an unsuitable candidate for the job>

    "Unsuitable for army service" is the highest possible endorsement of your ability to serve. With a discharge like that you should forget the Paras and start thinking about them or late entry at Sandhurst.
  8. Mmmmm tricky, it's ambiguous but I reckon they don't mind if you don't come back.
  9. The truth is my DOAR window was already closed and my fiance' being pregnant had some issues "bleeding" etc. Being a bit under pressure I went to a welfare officer and explained my situation. She ask me to take some leave but I told her I don't know how long it might take to sought out this problem. She then told me the only other way to get out now was to be UFAS. At the time I didn't care cause I wanted to make sure that my first child was born. So on my discharge papers I got that mark-up of unsuitable for army service.
  10. What, with a razor sharp mind like yours I'm suprised they let you go TBH!
  11. do think I'll have another chance?
  12. Only if you can complete a coherent post...
  13. could you shine a little more light on that?
  14. I rest my case.
  15. I am suprised no one has claimed a WAH, so I do and therefore I claim my crisp new £5 note!!

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