discharge papers never received help!

Dear community,

i left the army on 10th sept 2010, i was in phase 2 at keogh barracks as a qaranc student. i didnt pass my course and just wanted out of the army. i had served 3 years. when i left i didnt get any of my discharge papers at the time they said they would send them on to me. i havnt been bothered that i havnt had them but now i am try to apply for the mpgs and i need my certificate of service and other bits to complete my application.

if any would could help me with who i would have to ring and if you could supply there contact numbers this would really help me out.

im thinking the admin office at keogh barracks. even the guard room number would be a massive help.

hope to hear back from someone thankyou.

Michael Tams


Thankyou every one that helpped out with there suggestions i found something on another fourm about a guy that rang jpac so i tried there and they posting me one in 10 working days cheers guys
To be honest almost nobody is interested in discharge papers. I "work" as a civvy for the Army and nobody was interested in seeing mine. After a short while they're not even much use as bog paper or wall paper.


Call 118 118, and ask to be put through to a military operator. Then ask them to put you through to Keogh Barracks.


Have you actually checked you eligibilty to join? Your 3 years does not seem to have got you beyond Phase 2 training, and so what was the terms of your discharge (I am rather nicely asking if you were actually binned).

Not wanting to p*ss on your parade, I just wonder that having failed successfully to complete basic training previously, what it is you might offer HM Forces (in what is a buyers market for us) over and above many of those also applying will be experienced Service personnel with unblemished records of service?
Oh I maybe didn't explain it right I was cav for 2.5 years completed phase 2 there then went on to nurse training but I couldn't pass it so instead of transferring I just came out of the army I can go in the mpgs and I just need my cert of service

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