Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by panzer, Jan 21, 2010.

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  1. You may or may not be aware of the current policy to retain those soldiers who have been seriously injured on operations if the soldier wishes to remain in service. The questions to be considered in regard to this highly sensative subject are:
    1. Is it right to retain a soldier who clearly has no, or a very limited, future career in the Army in todays current situation of over stretch and although it may be considered to be moraly correct to retain, is it being fair and just accross the board. i.e. the ruling only applies to operationaly injured soldiers and not to those injured in normal training or as the result of an RTA for example, most of whom are discharged in better nick than some of those retained. Is this a form of descrimination and totally unjust on the non-operationaly injured and therefore opens up possible litigation.
    2. The long term effect of retention on unit maning considering the numbers involved. There are reportedly 7000+ undeployable soldiers being retained in the Army as a whole and the numbers increase following each subsequent operational deployment.
    3. If they are retained but are undeployable they will have to be augmented to enable their unit to deploy fully maned. Thus producing additional deployments for said augumentees in an allready overstretched Army.

    There are other factors involved which you may feel are worthy of comment, I have entered but a few.
    This is obviously a very sensative subect and I ask those who respond to think with their minds and not their hearts which I accept is hard to do in this senario.
  2. Whose strength are they being held on, if its their Bns then how do they get replacements? How about some of them replacing the bloody civil servants that blight every camp.
  3. That's a great idea. There are too many retired officers still working within the MOD giving us a hard time (Q. Don't you know who I am? - A. Yes an irritating old knob who can't quite cut it in the real world). Get them tae f**k and get these boys in.

    There are plenty of jobs on and around camp which are being filled by useless ignorant civvy c*nts, who only care about their next cup of tea and fag break (not all of them though, I must say). Having a soldier in some of these posts who know and understand the way things are would be a huge benefit.
  4. Seconded.

    Unfortunately, all of those job were put out to contract years ago to the like of Aspire and Sodexho. It would be near on inmpossible to get rid of civilian staff and replace them with military in the short term and would depend on how long the contract with the civilian labour provider has left to run at each location.

    I was under the impression that the MoD is offering alternative employment within the armed forces to those injured soldiers that are capable of doing a particular job and are willing to do it. (i.e P1ssed mattress storeman in Catterick). If the soldier then chooses to turn down that offer of alternative employment then the MoD can release them from their contract and let them go, because they are no longer capable of doing the job that they are employed to do.

    This is all covered under employment law regulations and is no different to a civilian worker being offered another job within a company (if one is available and suitable for the employee) if they have been injured in the workplace.

    Have a look on the Business, Innovation and Skills website, the CIPD or ACAS.

    All of these websites can provide initial guidance, but I would say that the best places to go for information would be your RCMO and ADJT.
  5. A very dodgy subject indeed, the boys were doing the countries business so yes you have to give them a bit of consideration instead of the armys usual method of thanks for your effort see u later.

    But with COs under pressure to be as fully manned and P2 as possible it then turns into a nit of a hipocritical situation, where biys are being kicked out for being downgraded but those who are missing limbs etc they will keep in just to stop any fall back from public opinion.

    Med discharge with a decent war pension but be on hand to help them get established in civi street rather then just leave them to their own devices sounds like a plan... :?

    lets be honest reality check the army needs deployable soldiers, can't see some one with a false leg being able to carry on even though a lot of them do put in 150 percent and are actually fitter than P2 slodiers serving, but lets be honest it isn't practical and would cause more problems than solutions...

    Sorry :x :x :x

    In fact why not Careers offices or NRPS jobs at TA units, these are non deployable jobs but keep them in the Army sphere. at least they will be able to contribute without taking up a deployable position within a regiment