Discharge of a bloody useless solicitor.

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by inbredyokel666, Nov 2, 2010.

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  1. My mate is in the middle of a divorce; her solicitor has for the last four months pretty much refused to carry out her instructions. He has in fact delayed and prevaricated so much that it may cost her the family home.
    She’s now discharged his services and seeking new representation.

    Does she have any legal recourse against this lad?

    I’m not kidding, this fellow is so incompetent I think he’s in league with the opposition.
    It’s absolutely appalling.
  2. Steady on, he probably needed the money. Rats have to eat too, you know.

    On a more constructive note, I'd be very wary of trying to take action against him. The system is weighted against you, no matter what the profession will tell you, and that way lies madness.

    Take the knock, repair the damage, enjoy life. If you get embroiled in a row with solicitors you will end up consumed with bitterness and hatred.
  3. The Law Society - Complaints about solicitors

    I would suggest that "your mate" speaks to the Law Society first before going ballistic, what "she regards as incompetent and refusing to carry out "her" instructions, may indeed be reasonsable. May be true, I have sacked an incompetent solicitor, but in my observation women going through divorce are deranged, so "her" demands may have been strategically stupid, illegal or just plain dumb and the solicitor probably spent many chargable hours trying to convince "her" of that.

    Madam, as I have said on numerous occasions before, at £500 per hour, there is no longer recourse to castration or disembowelment.

    Or more likely, that for example "she" thinks the family home is worth considerably more than the present market and "she" can't understand why all the Argos wall bling is not attractive to potential buyers.

    "She" should be prepared to found unreasonable by a third party.

  4. Try asking here:

    Legal Ombudsman
  5. I concur, you won't find another solicitor who will take the case, (unless you use the renowned London Law Firm of "Soo, Grabbet and Runne") Do the Ombudsman route and copy the law society into the letter, it might just be the evidence they've been waiting for.

    Generally though you're pissing in the wind. If that's the case then take your time before feeding him the whistling shovel one dark evening in the badly lit and camera free car park. Revenge, as the Klingons say, is a feast best served cold.
  6. "She" ain't deranged..."she's" awake at night, very frightened that this unbeleivably crap solicitor, and a very petty vindictive soon to be ex husband are going to put her on the street.

    Thanks for the links.
  7. She? She is deranged ipso facto.
  8. Now I come to think of it there is a bloke/firm who always advertises in the classifieds at the back of Private Eye as a no-win-no-fee specialist in taking action against incompetent solicitors.

    I'm afraid I don't have a copy to hand but you'll easily find one in the magazine rack at Tesco and no doubt he will have a listen to your complaint and tell you if you have a realistic chance of success.

    Hope this helps.