Discharge in Germany

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by ted69, Aug 10, 2007.

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  1. I am discharged in roughly 18months and intend to reside in Germany upon discharge. I have now started looking at future employment etc has anyone got any good tips for Germany
  2. Get a house sorted,be aware that germans earn a lot less than we do!
    GGS earn between 12-1400 euros monthly after tax( if thats your thing)
    Learn some german!
    If you can drive HGV there is always work,but again,money is not what you are used to!
  3. Quite happy with the Language side of life, house is being sorted as we speak, I was after a few pointers reference jobs to be honest. I already hold a HGV licence but dont really know what I want to do when I leave.
  4. TBH,Im in a similar position myself,except Ive been in my own house the last few years,Im looking at working on the rigs,have a look at that thread,might give you more options.
  5. I work at Cologne airport - most companies in the larger airports are normally on the look out for people eg UPS/DHL etc.

    All my work is in English(well about 90%) but obviously you need pretty good German too.

    Just remember you need all the correct docs from your local Rathaus to allow you to work.
    Most companies now need a certificate from the police that shows you haven't been a naughty boy - you apply for this at the Rathaus and they will charge you for it abiut 30euros I think - but it takes about 2 weeks to arrive at your door.
  6. Thanks for the advice on that police item. I have thought about airport work as we do have one locally and the wages are not that bad.

    I was after some pointers reference MSF or UKBC jobs if anyone can help cheers.
  7. Try and get a job with and international company if at all possible.

    I work for a biggish company that have offices in the whole of EMEA with the HQ in the US.

    They are 100% on the ball with all the paperwork required plus you have a whole HR department you can annoy if you need anything else.

    As for UKBC jobs? No idea sorry :)
  8. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Maybe for unskilled jobs that might be true, but don't set your sights so low. Theres plenty of money to be had out there.
  9. I came to this thread fully, and quite reasonably, expecting to hear half- amusing stories about nasty yellow stuff coming out of your willy after a trip to the Reeperbahn, and all I got was this.

    Imagine my dissappointment.
  10. Same here. I once had a discharge in Germany. Hurt like f*ck when I pee'd. Had to go to Munster to get it sorted out. The embarrassment of it all.
  11. Check the MoD website for MSF posts. All seem to be taken up by ex officers and are in jobs where your HGV won't be much cop. From the outside, most look to be very low paid (however MSF D starts at just under 20k, but has COLA which looks to be better than LOA, they don't pay rent for the first 5 years nor rates and if you add your pension, if you have one, you're well over 30k a year and you have access to all the tax free so life is very comfortable, especially if your other half is in work).

    Also have a look at the GLSU site for LEC posts (locally Employed Civilian). No perks in that area though as you are just another Eric working for the Army. There was a couple of jobs advertised with the Germany Guard Service. It's a start.

    What about driving for a local company? Will be better paid than anything the mob can offer you.
  12. Yep I did think about rewritting the title as Discharge would cause a giggle