Discharge from the TA

I was discharged from the TA in the 90's for a criminal conviction for a fight I was involved in outside the TA. Can I now rejoin the TA because the conviction is SPENT under the rehabilatation of offenders?
You should be able to rejoin the TA now, subject to the usual requirements of age, health and suchlike.

I would tell the recruiting staff at the outset why you left last time. You don't have to, but it's better to make a clean breast of these things than them find out later somehow.

Fighting, although regrettable, wouldn't worry me as much as, say, theft.

Whereabouts in the UK (generally) are you?

edit: Some units, such as the RMP, Medics and so forth, have a different set of rules as far as I recall. Shouldn't be a problem for most combat or combat support units though.

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