Discharge for Asthma?

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by johnno808, Sep 8, 2013.

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  1. Can anyone give me any sort of steer as to what the score is with asthma within the Army?

    I've never had any symptoms in the past it seems to have come on all of a sudden.

    If I see the MO regarding it, is it a showstopper and discharge or is it a downgradable condition?

    Any advice on the matter would be appreciated.
  2. who's told you you've got asthma then?
  3. My sister is a GP but she has no dealings with the military.

    Now back to my original question.
  4. Best get it seen to and worry about the rest later. If you must think about the consequences of treatment before seeking medical advice then get onto Dii and look for JSP 950, it's a huge selection of documents and somewhere there is one that deals with conditions discovered/contracted/developed during service.
    then go and get it treated anyway ffs.
  5. See your RMO. I've known people who had it bad but soldiered on. It was just something to be aware of when it came to pt, pdt etc.
  6. I'm going the docs anyway but was after some advice before hand.

    Reading my original post back I can see where confusion has arisen.

    Thanks for the steer regarding the JSP.
  7. Thanks for sharing.