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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Hutz, Sep 17, 2012.

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  1. Afternoon all,

    My AGC lot are passing me from pillar to post and everything inbetween, so I am resorting to tinterweb.

    I am being medically discharged at the end of the year, minus the usual AFCS direction what are my entitlements.

    For example FTOD or DA etc.

    I'm married accompanied if that makes a jot of difference.

    Cheers to anyone who gives me anything other than speak to Squadron clerks or RAO.
  2. You should get an immediate pension according to whatever you've earned. Unfortunately that means you don't get the £10,000 resettlement grant (if you're in the window for that). Fill in the PEN1 (from memory) application on JPA asap once you get your discharge date confirmed.

    Obviously all the resettlement etc as usual. If you can't complete resettlement due to your injury/illness (or if you can get a doctor to sign a note saying you can't) you can get your resettlement deferred for a year meaning that you can still get the money etc for up to a year after your discharge date.
  3. As a med discharge you will be entitled to the Final Tour of Duty Package (DA and Removals), you will need to complete the JPA form. JSP 752, Ch7 Sect 4 is where to find the info.

    Betewen 1 and 16 years 30 days GRT and 16+ - full 35 days, as explained above can be deferred if needed
  4. If he is a bone fide Med Discharge he gets the Full Resettlement Package
  5. Full resettlement package yes, less than 16 years service only 30 days GRT and 6 warrants, 16+ = 35 GRT and 7 warrants
  6. I would also advise in writing to SPVA for a pension forecast
  7. Iam getting full MD in April and entitled to FTOD BUT as I am moving locally I am not entitled to it as you have to move 50 miles or more to get it , even tho iam still under treatment for the injures that iam getting MD for plus my kid goes to local school and wife works local , NO common sense to the ADMIN office springs to mind .
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  8. are you expecting the admin office to go against MoD regs on resettlement?
  9. It should be your PRO (or whatever they are calling themselves this week) dealing with this. Surely at this late stage you've been signed over to them and are not on the strength of your unit any more?
  10. I'm not an expert in this area, but JSP 752 C7 S6 details FTOD, and as an allowance is for those not within 50 miles of the preferred location.
    There are other criteria etc with MD, but the above appears contradictory .. e.g. entitled but not entitled due to proximity.
    07.0605g relates to MD, but also requires the 50mile / 90 minute distance.

    Without prying too much .. Due to MD, should there be any adjustments required in your final home have things been squared away to start the process?
  11. cheers for the reply, i am staying within the 50 miles due to having treatment for the injuries that i am being MD for plus kid goes to local school and wife works part time local, waiting for council.
    the admin office see the over 50 mile and that's it , JSP is not the best written doc,
  12. i am on a E posting , not got a PRO or under the PRU, the training unit i am with have applied 3 times for PRU but not got , all i got is a social worker ( she is great ) but left to sort out my self really
  13. Are they really left like this to sort out admin nowadays, whoever put such systems in place should be shot! But no doubt he got a CBE and an easy pension!
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  14. out of sight out of mind
  15. @jonah1163

    There is someone in a very similar situation to you based in Humberside. Keeps bleating on that he should be entitled to this, that and the other on a public forum. What he doesn't put on the forum is that he is getting GYH(M) to his home address in Essex. Sound familiar?
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