Discharge Documentation?

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by MedievalMan, Jul 9, 2007.

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  1. What official documentation should I recieve once I have left the service.
  2. Your Red Book - if a soldier. It contains your discharge paper, your 108 and job description, IIRC.

  3. Ouch, did you leave or get the boot? Anyway.. all the best on civvie street
  4. No I left a few months early to take up my current job. With all the running around I completly forgot about my dishcharge documentation until someone reminded me this weekend.
    Oh yes very nice to be out after 22 years, weekends are bliss!
  5. P45
    Red Book - mine contained Army Form B 6840C
    Army Form B 108X(1)
    Army Form B 108X(2)
    Army Form B 108B(1)
    AF B6499 (ADP)
    Cert from CGS saying thanks & good luck!
    Army Form B 9234 - Welfare Support info

    and a Veterans Badge.

    Have you also received, under seperate cover, final pay statement, Lump Sum pay statement, pension and commutation paperwork?

    Been out twelve months and loving it, loving it, loving it :relax:
  6. Mr Bag,

    Recieved the most important paperwork i.e. pension allowances etc, however I could do with my P45!!!!
    Im paying a bit more than I should, however I expected my P45 to come through automatically! :?
  7. The Veterans Badge is the only item worth keeping. The book would have been worth more if the dates etc were correct....shocking after 20+ years of "Exemplary Service".
  8. Received my red book two months after I left!

    Good thing no one has ever asked me for it!!!
  9. Received my red book two months after I left!

    Good thing no one has ever asked me for it!!!
  10. It took me 6 months to get mine! Didnt surprise me though as my last units admin was awful. Also, not sure if this is a good or a bad thing, there are a fair few qualifications listed that I dont remember ever doing!
  11. Got mine within a month-red book and veterans badge.

    Civ div did ask to see my discharge papers aswell!

    And I worked more weekends in civ did aswell by the way!
  12. Sounds somewhat familiar. Got mine after about 2 months and it had completely the wrong persons quals and other details in it !!!! Only similarity was our surname.

    I contacted them about it and was told someone would be intouch with me to sort it within 48 hours. A week later I phoned again and got told the same thing, its now 2 months later (I had forgotten about it until I read this) and I have still heard nothing !! Good to see the admin (or lack thereof) that was inherent in my last unit (and some others) is still there through other aspects of the Army. Quality Control job anyone ????
  13. Thank god you got your money for your lump sum before JPA has kicked in, supposedly some of the guinnea pigs leaving at the moment are having a few problems. Disgraceful for all those who have served 20+ years for thier country being treated like this. :evil:
    Good luck to all you leaving or left.
  14. I received my red book and was appauled how many mistakes there were. Incorrect dates, medals and postings. Couldn't even get my name spelled correctly.

    Never really bothered to get it corrected, too many other important things to do in civvy life.

    No employer has ever asked for it yet.

  15. To be honest, the majority of employers probably don't even know it exists or even care for that matter. Unless they have a strong military connection or the people involved in the recruitment are ex-military.