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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Selastra, Jan 8, 2008.

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  1. I have just completed my 22 years last Friday. so now I am officially a civvy. But where is my discharge documentation? I am being interviewed left right and centre in the next two weeks and I have nothing to say that I am out of the Army, what my character was or indeed anything.

    I have tried looking for a contact number for JPA but to no avail. does anyone have one?

    Whats the score on final pay, gratuity, and pension, ie when's it paid. I was led to believe it would happen on the day after i was discharged. Ha! fell for that one didnt I!

    Someone somewhere knows the answers. I did ask before I left, and nothing I have been told has actually come to fruition. It's all down apparently to new procedures with JPA. Bollocks if you ask me. It worked very well under UNICOM and the buggers changed it.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Did you forget the 7 Ps ;)

  3. the 7 P's.... oh yes, thats why I went in to my pay office and asked the same questions and was assured by them that it would be sorted on the day after my discharge.

    The Admin staff in units are being badly let down by JPA, and the impact on people leaving the services is real and in some cases quite traumatic if they are relying on final payments etc (i'm not but it's not the point).

    Do you have a number to contact JPA from a civilian number? that was the essence of my thread after all
  4. 0141 2243600 option 3 option 2 thereafter
  5. thank you very much.... now I bet they are all out to lunch when I call them!
  6. Selestra. I'm guessing that you didn't get the service leavers pack? It clearly tells you in that pack that your payments will take about 10 working days from the day you leave. The pack is available on line if you need it from the CTP website.
  7. you will get your pension etc all squared away and in reocrd time, but lets see how long it takes you to get the last moths quarter or SLA charges back, been waiting over seven months!
  8. Sounds like JPA is telling you that the cheque's in the post (it won't have cum in your mouth as it's too busy fcuking your arrse)!

    Good luck in CivDiv - don't blow it all on booze and bints!
  9. just spoke to a helpful gentleman, who assures me that some one will contact me in the next 10 days to discuss my queries, however final pay can take up to 30 days, and P45's etc can take up to 6 weeks. Now call me an old cynic, but does it really take this long? I bet if you told you 16 year olds about this side of Army life they'd go do something far more glamourous..... but I cant think what.

    Thanks to all of you who provided helpful suggestions. I got an answer, not necessarily the one I wanted, but an answer none the less.

    Thanks again. Arrse works!
  10. Selestra Im am HR administrator SNCO, although I am haLF pissed at the mo, been down the mess but another stoty. The answers you have are standard format, but however in light of JPA they are not as fruitful and as fast paying as JPA, but they will get you there. I promise, I had a fellow SNCO who just got out in Canada in the transistion period - whom I am had to look after. Mate but if you really get massive dramas let me me know and PM me with your details however i am not in Uk so time is different. Please be patient and good luck, as at times you do need it with APC.
  11. Ahhh call me an old cynic, I am an ex HR administrator (though I seem to rememebr being called a clerk back then :roll: ) who coincidentally spent most of his life in IT. I got out in June 2005 and my Final Salary and Pay was in the bank 3 days later. Because I worked on the "Legacy" IT system I could actually see my payment waiting to hit the "activation dates" (ie. My run out date) 2 weeks earlier. All my Food Accom etc was stopped perfectly and final salary was spot on first time. I then spent the last 2 years as a contractor supporting this Legacy system, I like to think it was almost getting decent just before the handover :D

    thats progress for you :lol:
  12. My other half left last month, and still has no discharge docs. She's starting her own business, but intends to do some nursing agency work until it's up and running. So, she's had interviews with agencies, but now has to wait whilst they get references from her Army bosses; the agencies said that they would normally accept the discharge docs. She can't start earning until this is sorted.

    And yes, she did the seven Ps; but being extended whilst downgraded meant that she had no terminal leave, so much had to be left until she'd left.