discharge codes??? QR 1975 PARA 9.381

anyone know what QR 1975 PARA 9.381 is?

i cant join the RAF, as the army gave me this instead of a medical discharge


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"defect in enlistment procedure"
Bootifull said:
"defect in enlistment procedure"

thanks, my discharge cert. actually says

"QR 1975 PARA 9.381 defect in enlistment procedure"

anyone know why i would have been given this discharge code, and what it means?

i had been accepted bassed on my aptitude test, fitness, and medical tests. then the week before i started basic training i injured myself, and uppon arival to basic training i was deemed unable to serve at the time and discharged.

after a year my backpain was completely gone (naturally - no med, or doctor visits) and now 7 years on. i have no problems.
I could be wrong, but isn't that the one where you've given false/incorrect information? And they've found you out? (ie lied/misled them)

Did you have the injury prior to joining? (And kept it well hidden)
i was injury free untill the week before basic training. at the fitness tests months prior, i exceded others in most areas

perhaps they thought it was an ongoing injury for some reason.

is there an apeal board that would look at my situation? (check civy med records, ect ect?) or am i out for good?


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The defect on enlistment procedure just caters for getting rid of anyone enlistments that shouldnt be there to be honest.

As you have turned up with an injury which is likely to resolve itself over a period of time and given that it is an injury that wasnt attributable to military service, they will have discharged you to cover themselves, straight away by turning up with an injury you become a liability which the military won't want or shouldnt have to deal with.

I personnally think you will be fine, a defect on enlistment isnt a bar to entry and if you speak to your local office they should be able to give you advice on how to re-apply and if there is going to be any other action needed, chances are you will need a GP or specialist letter confirming when you reapply, that there is nothing wrong with you and you will then get thrown back into the selection system.


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