Discharge Certificate

Hi, sorry i didnt know where to post this, so its here.

I recently DAOR'd during Basic in the Army, i wanted to go into a different service, i still do. On leaving i was given an 'interim Discharge Certificate' and told i would get a full one in a month or two.

I went to the AFCO to sign up again for a different service, but have been told that i cant start the application process till i get the full discharge certificate, as the Interim one 'isnt enough'. So i went away and waited for the post, its been a couple of months now, and im still waiting. I called up the Discharges office in Glasgow, and the person i spoke to wasnt even sure i would be getting anything other then my Interim one at all, which confused me alot.

So basicaly im wondering if anyone else has had this problem, or knows how it can be solved.

Sorry for the long post, thanks for reading.
good luck, I did 23 years, left in November, spent 4 months ringing Glasgow every 2 days ('some one will ring you back within 48 hours with an answer' MY ARRSE!) finally sent a written complaint, Cert arrived within a week.

Ring or write to JPAC in Glasgow, tell them that you are unable to gain further employment until you receive the Discharge Certificate or a letter (on headed paper) that confirms that you have been discharged and no Certificate will be issued.

Dont let the buggers palm you off!
Thanks for that! Whats more annoying is that the AFCO Army Recruiters already have a copy of it, that iv never seen, and they cant give to anyone else.

I dont even know what grounds my discharge is on, i mean theres usually a time period written on it, i have no idea what that is.

Thanks again for the Help!

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