Discharge Admin how long?

Hi all, I have used search but only been able to find questions from people who have failed to complete training or left the Army years ago and lost docs.

I left due to Med Discharge on July 10th and still haven't received any paperwork to either prove my service or prove that I am no longer in service, no record of service, testimonial, letter or even a P45. Just wondering if it is supposed to take this long as I have been asked for each of the above at a couple of interviews and I feel like an absolute mong not having the correct kit with me. Seemingly one employer wasn't satisfied with my explanation and quizzed my last OC about my service and since I was a transfer he felt jack that he couldn't back my photography n recce skills as it was totally unrelated to my Infantry job. Luckily I had a course cert from DISC which they never took the time to look at. I have been in touch with my unit admin staff, but as the sys cord always seems to be doing sport and the coy clerks have given me 2 different answers about a PoC and the time it takes to receive a P45 I am none the wiser. Do I pursue this through unit or APC, which out tray will it be sitting in, is it the same story as my AFCS claim and I'm at the tail of another huge backlog? At the moment 2 potential employers have viewed me either as a Walt or an admin mong, or this could be mild paranoia on my part related to my being mentally diffy. They both seemed shocked at the lack of admin on the Army side.....how efficient do these people think APC is? I got offered one of the jobs anyway, but I could do much better so would like to have all loose ends tied up admin wise.

Cheers :)
That would explain a lot DTC I just logged onto ArmyNet and it would appear the Army are still paying me into the account I had on JPA, and they have been paid me last month as well following recovery of an amount I owed. Tried to get hold of the RAWO today but he isn't back until Tuesday so going to ring the office on Monday so that I don't get stung by this. The money is still there so they should be able to recover it. They have even been paying me HDT still, I did everything on JPA etc with the admin office on my last day so the mind boggles. Cheers.
Sounds like someone has not forced the workflow to change your contract end date? It will be sorted fairly quickly and the post service debt recoveries team will write to you with the amount you owe. Stick the money to one side and earn the pittence of interest, once they get in touch, call and send cheque with letter.

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