Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by retread2, Nov 8, 2005.

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  1. I read this article in the Daily Telegraph on-line this morning (in Australia). Apologies if it has been covered elsewhere in Arrse.


    Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised at a tale like this, but to read of the way Lt Billy Norbury's life has been (and his family) since displaying the bravery he did leaves me despairing. What will happen to today's heroes?

    More to the point, is there anything Arrse could or should do? I see no mention of the RBL in the story, could they not be dragged in on the family's side?

    Back to work.
  2. Disgraceful, never happen to a off white lesbian single mother.
  3. This makes me embarrassed to be british :oops:. We bend over backwards for stupid arty projects with lottery cash. Pay lazy Ba$tards who do not want to work, give Junkies & Alchoholics EXTRA MONEY (FOR FU$KS SAKE WHAT WILL THEY SPEND IT ON :roll: ). Do our glorious leaders give the deserving Charity's(Glider Pilots, Blesma, The list goes on), their dependants and veterans who gave there all for our country the support they need... Do they feck.

    I am disgusted at our elected leaders. :evil:
  4. Lads, if they can't even pay serving soldiers a decent wage, call up reserves and pay them less than their outgoings, won't buy combat troops decent body armour and take 20 years to put the bloody rifle to rights, do you really think the MoD / politicians will do the decent thing by this poor woman?

    not a chance.
  5. :? ....Your lost me.

    Big blokey photo included in the link as well....paper has portrait with tash. What were you reading :wink:
  6. I think what LRM was saying is that as the govt as they stand at the moment know they are so fcucked up with the Iraq debarcle, that they have sent our boys to GW 's private battle to please his Dad (oo didnt mean that lol) and TB seems so far up GW's poop deck that he knows he has gone too far and can't withdraw without the obvious merde de la face!
    But defence wise they are treading on eggshells, however if they were to support this lady, of which she very rightfully deserves are they not just a bit scared it would be seen as spin at this time of rememberance? I think although that was a quick summarisation of whats going on, it just looks that way to me, am i getting cynical in my old age?
  7. Contrast the cost of providing a pension to this fine man's widow with the 'redundancy' payments made to Cabinet Ministers who leave in disgrace, only to reappear a couple of months later.
  8. Absolutely fcuking disgraceful :evil: I don't recall there being much of a fuss as to where our forces originated in 1940... Typical red tape b0ll0cks :!:

  9. It has already happened to an officer of South African birth but of UK national parents during Telic...sure get your nuts shot off but don't expect a passport, council house or pension; if only you were slightly..erm..more in tune with the colour scheme around the council offices et cetera then you could have a nice flat to rest in between cashing giros and bashing grannies. Yes I am cynical but it is all based on sound empirical evidence.
  10. There are many things worth fighting for, this current regime is not one of them...
  11. This is disgusting. I genuine case of state neglect.

  12. It happens to a lot of folks from Africa lads.My grandfather on my mom's side fought for the Brits in the jungles of Burma and came back home a leg less.According to him,the Brits never gave them nothing neither were they ever recognised for the things they did but he never complained about it anyway.By the way,he died a penniless man so there you have it.He was Nigerian
  13. From the Telegraph article
    Change the friggin' law then. If he had been a IRA multi-killer, we'd have looked after him better.
  14. Back to the top. Any more journalists/politicos out there willing to stand up for a man like this, or for his family?

    Story from 8 Nov 05
    and 16th of February.

    Beware, folks. This story could be about you or your wife, sometime in the future. Do you think the party presently in Government or (many of) the nasty little grey men* who interpret their orders, give a toss for him, or anyone like him?

    (*The Veterans Agency said war disability pensions were only for those who fought in the Armed Forces in units based in Britain. "We do have to abide by the provisions of the law. Either people are entitled to the pension or not," a spokesman said.)

    ...and my job's worth ....
  15. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Words fail me! Who give's a flying f*** WHERE he joined up!He fought for a country he believed in!!!Makes you wonder if it's all worth it,Fighting & dieing for a worthless,currupt,lying government who care's little for the fighting man/woman & even less for those that are in need!!
    My Dad joined the RAF in the WWII in Belfast,He did'nt claim his war pension on the ground's that there are worse off than him & he did'nt need it.(Even tho we told him to claim it)