DISC Waterloo night

Just a quick note to say thanks to GEW, JH and LW for running the WO and Sgts Mess Waterloo night in the DISC Mess. Top night had by all and entertainment was top notch. Nice to see the turnout by RAF (not) - tri serive Mes hmmm......
See how many turn out for Battle of Britain night....

Crabs can't drink !!!

Crabs moan likefcuk that they have to go to triservice do's (cona't make me pay etc) but get very upset when you turn the tables on them-they get even mnore upset when you tell a Flight Sergeant with 30 years service that he has to sit down the table from an Army WO2 with 14-ho ho
There's a point. Serious one for a change.

Given the number of Honourary members that belong to Messes, where is their correct place viz a vie seniority on the table?

Do they lose all credits in the bank on leaving the regulars and so sit with the Sgt's, or is there a 'carried forward' seniority from when they were in and the rank they left at?
I think, and I may be wrong, that they are deemed to have held their seniority. However, (good Corps word) I seem to remember some honourary members sitting on the top table, but I can't be certain as I was pished.

Life...It's all a bit vague 8O

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