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Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Just a civvy, Jul 15, 2013.

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  1. I'm gonna be cloning the drive in my laptop and putting in a larger and higher speed drive. I've used back up progs etc many times but not bootable cloning tools.
    I'm going to clone the drive which has XPpro SP3 any one got any recommendation on software to create a fully bootable cloned image?
    I've got a couple of freeware progs Infront of me at the mo but don't mind buying software to do the job if its worth it, time is more important than money to me.

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  2. Norton Ghost was the program I used to use, I had a snide copy though. Not sure of the restrictions on the trial, but might be good for one or two uses!

    Norton Ghost
  3. Have a look at the new hard drive manufactures website. Often they give away free cloning software. Failing that try clonezilla

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  4. If I was doing it I'd use a bootable live linux distro and use the DD command as described here:

    Learn the DD command

    Always worked for me. Most live distros on the front of the linux mags would do the trick if you didn't want to faff with downloading the iso and making a bootable cd etc.
  5. Acronis. Amazing nifty product, supports disk cloning over SATA, eSATA and USB. Will copy 'as-is' or 'copy-and-resize'. Copies multiple partitions, resize them, etc. Use it for migrating all four laptops to SSD, cloning my new workstation's boot SSD drive to an identical SSD for backup (as its quicker), and even cloning a SCSI disk to SSD (as an experiment to see if Windows is clever enough...)
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  6. Thanks for all the replies.
    I got software from seagate, now presently trying to get the disc formats to match up prior to cloning.

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  7. Unless they've put the function back, "Clone" isn't there anymore. They lost nearly all their custom to Acronis True Image years ago. I, and all the other field service engineers I know, went to Acronis and stayed. Belting
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  8. The disk formats? One is NTFS (presumably, under XP), the other a blank hard disk. No need to match formats. If you mean disk size, then if the new disk is larger you dont need to do anything, or simply tell it to resize the disk.... unless the saegate software is braindead.
  9. A raw copy will be fastest, it will do everything block for block including the file system.

    Not a solid state drive is it?
  10. Well that just proves how shite Symantec are then! Yeah I used Acronis in work, good bit of kit. Two years in the army having nothing to do with proper computers has given me tremendous skill fade. It saddens me.
  11. It wouldn't play ball out the box with the seagate software Tiny, no idea why, it could see the drivee but not accept it as a destination for the data, so I partitioned the drive in the same way as the source, just out of curiosity. Same.

    Got bored after half an hour, then sent a support request to seagate, they've probably seen this 100 times before and in in no big hurry. As well as being lazy..

    Edit typos and add. No WO2 Ghandi, It's just a 7200 rpm Sata.

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  12. Use Acronis, its the canine's testicles.
  13. That's because it's a limited tool, and you need to prep the destination drive. Use Acronis, as already noted by myself and others
  14. Tried prepping the drive and believe it or not its Acronis software that seagate supply. If I don't get a quick fix from SeaGate tech support then ill try True image.

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