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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by brettarider, Mar 21, 2011.

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  1. Right need some input from someone more intelligent than me! I'm in the process of sorting out a Bedford bambi campervan. The orginal wheels were 12in jobs which after reading online I could fit 13in ones from an older model Suzuki swift which I have sourced. these were a direct swap as they have the same PDC4x114 offset 35 to 42 bore 60.1 as the original 12in.

    Now that I have the extra clearance would the disc's from the swift fit straight on I'm assuming they have the same offset as the wheels for mounting vai the hub?
  2. I reckon the disks would go on. If they were bigger than the originals you might have bother with the calliper mounts though!
  3. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Sounds like a straight swap? A bit like fitting Marina dics onto a Morris 1000. Do you plan to load the ponies into the back of your Bedford Bambi? Because that could be an issue.
  4. Cheers Jim temped to get a disc from a scrappy and see if it fits on. TID no ponies in the back it's small enough!
  5. If the bloke who owns the scrappy is alright-take the disks off the Suzuki and offer to return them if they dont fit. He should be ok with it as its no skin off his nose 'cos you've done the labour for him. If the diameter of the Suzuki disks is greater then get the callipers too-but that means breaking into the brake system, and then there's the hub calliper mounts.

    You could always just brake sooner!
  6. That I could Jim just wondering if it's a cheap upgrade that's easy to do
  7. Like what The Iron Duke said; there's every chance they'll go straight on. Let us know how you get on mate.
  8. Will do mate
  9. Blast I had a S reg Suzuki Swift which was scrapped early this year. (My son was using it at uni as a runaround). If I had known, you could have had it.

    I changed the discs & pads etc on it on numerous occasions due to carrying kayaks on the roof etc and being heavy footed on the brakes. Scrapped at over 200000 miles.

    I was told that the Bedford Bambi was the UK version of the Suzuki Carry Van which had the same engine as the swift.

    A lot of the parts are interchangable. I know as I had to have some new parts refitted and they were taken off the Carry Van in the show room as the spares had not arrived.

    Look out for scrapped Suzuki Carry Vans at the scrappy and check there wheel sizes. I think some models had the 13 inch wheel, the tipper/flat bed version?

    Brand new discs and pads used to cost around £60 to £80 in total from major motor supplier such as UNIPART, not Suzuki OE or Halfords as too expensive but use Delphi or similar. Pay in cash seems to work.

    I trust this is helpful.
  10. You might want to keep a check on the weight of that litle thing, too much beer I reckon would soon put you overweight
  11. Already fitted 13in wheels from a Suzuki swift looks better as well as giving better ground clearance. Most if not all the parts are interchangeable. However want to see if they will fit before handing over wedge for new ones. The engine is only a 1ltr shame as the 1.3 would be ideal but a bit of a task to fit it in which is a pitty as I'd have it fitted if it was a straight swap. Going to fit a 5 speed box to it though.

    I'm aware they are near the max payload will just have to drink spirits or buy some when I get near were I want to park up! Intention is to run it over the summer then flog it for something else
  12. Is yours the 3 cylinder, 993cc engine?

    If so and you have problems with the revs not returning to around 800rpm at tick over check the following; Air filter box closed correctly and the small pipe behind the carb which sometimes blows off if you bump start the engine.

    Also a bit prone to leaking oil from the seal on the crank shaft after high mileage. I did not change mine but topped the oil up regulary after long runs.
  13. Does it come with Sooty & Sweep?
  14. No but if you ask Jarrod nicely he'll put his hand up your arse and use you as a puppet.

    Yeah it's the 970cc version got a Vauxhall manual coming for it so hopefull a bit easier to follow than a Haynes one
  15. That just reminded me of a girl I used to work with, we'd gone to a beer festival and she pulled a man with only two fingers and banged him with her daughter. Totally confused when I was calling her Sooty at breakfast.