Disbute needs answering-use of stacker pills

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by cakenarse, Sep 4, 2010.

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  1. A mate and i work out almost daily and keep track of our times for various distances etc, my mate has been using stacker 2 xplc pills which say "performance enhancement" on the label. As there is a little competiveness i claim that the two sets of times and distances cant be compared due to the use of these pills.

    Am i justified in my claim and is this a form of cheating "ala Ben Johnson"
  2. They're as "performance enhancing" as a cup of coffee, your mate is beating you fair and square.
  3. Are you both genetic twins who's DNA is exactly the same, or maybe he is training better than you and your slacking
  4. I have tried these pills and they do make a difference, i found when i stopped using them my energy levels dropped noticeably.
  5. No they didn't, they went back to normal. Lets look at what's in them;


    Eat some fruit instead.

    Camellia sinensis

    Have a cup of tea.


    Also in tea.


    Throw a bit of Tabasco on your food or have a curry.

    All these pills do is give you a whack of stuff you should be eating anyway, if they were some sort of miracle super boost you'd be issued them.
  6. So, you're in Afghanistan, you have access to a gym, yet not to a decent balanced diet? I find that hard to believe. Unless the DFACs have gone to rat shit. You might not like what is on offer (grilled chicken and cheese anyone?) but to state you can't get a decent balanced diet surely is not the case. God, even sodding MREs constitute that!! (just)