Disband the Yorkshire Regts campaign?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by polar, Dec 1, 2004.

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  1. From talking to a few EWRR guys last weekend, they seemed pretty keen to loose their parent regiment cap badges and go back to their Yorks Vols badges (which was the old Yorkshire Bde badge). Even those that left 'post options' seem to be happy with the upcoming change.
  2. Read the title and thought "I'll fill this tosser" in. Just shows how hasty you can be; it's not what I thought it would be about after all.

    I don't know. Personally speaking I'm very proud of my post 1992 cap-badge, which reeks of tradition and takes-up where the post-WW2 restructuring left off.

    But I know some people hanker after a Yorks vols Bde, with a Lionheart thrown in. I think all of that went out with 3rd Shock Army, SLRs and tin lids though. You can't recapture those days I'm afraid.

    I'll get stuck into a new Yorks Regt - we have to, but I can see a remarkably small amount of TACs in the new TA Bn....

  3. Yorks Volunteers LOL. Perhaps Minden Company (Light Infantry) could re-form as the 4th Battalion, The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. Just to throw a spanner in the works
  4. They already tried that - Kings Own Yorkshire (Light Infantry) Yeomanry :D (when 8(Y)LI was disbanded)
    Same badge as KOYLI but with two crossed lancers in the background. The LI element is most likely rejoin the reformed 5LI, being replaced by GH coys from the disbanded Tyne Tees TV Regt

    You also forget to mention Hallams (Yorks and Lancs) the TA still keep trying hang onto that title, (they kept their battle honours alive by naming one of the DWR Coys Fontennay).

    But back to my original post, the EWRR + GH seem to be quite happy about this merger, guess if all 3 regular Bn's (as they should do for an area of the size of Yorkshire) survive so will they too?

    Anyway what about the a Yorkshire Regt with 'traditional' Yorkshire dress (flat cap instead of berret?)
  5. I belive from rumour control At RHQ that this will become 4 Bn Yorkshire regt (V) with each coy retaining its parent cap badge. Each of the 3 reg Bns will or should keep their own cap badge, as In the London Regt.

    Of course, and the CO should ditch the black labador and replace it with a whippet :lol:
  6. Hope thats true.

    but it is upsetting peeps/English

  7. Sadly the Yorkshire Battalions were amongst the first to adopt the large regiment proposals, and happily embraced the concept as it makes perfect sense for a county that supports at least 4 Battalions (PWO, DWR, GH, Coldm Gds) to go large and stay intact.

    Their gripe was that losing one of those Bns does not make sense - what happens to the potential recruits that would not find employment? Suddenly become Scottish???

    Therefore, they rightly pointed out that we must look long term and look at how many Bns each population centre can support. Yorkshire does well now and in the future, Scotland does not, and therefore Scotland must lose two battalions. Otherwise, in 2008 we will be doing this all again.

    Others, with less moral fibre, stated that Scots Div would be unfairly treated if they lost 2 bns (whilst Kings Div would be fairly treated by losing two) and therefore shifted the focus elsewhere, sadly on another English Div.

    The simple facts are:

    Scotland cannot support 5 Inf Bns (even with trg moving to Fort George to avoid wastage - the 30% wastage rates apply to ALL Infantry Bns not just Scots at Catterick and 11% wastage at ATR Glencorse applied to the English recruits from Kings Div trained there as well - so the distance argument does not hold up)

    Yorkshire can support 4 Bns now and in the future.

    The Yorkshire Bns did not switch fire onto Queens Div - that was CGS after his mauling by the Commons Defence Committee in November.

    If this is not managed correctly we are just saving problems for 5 years time.

    I am happy to be shot down by all and sundry!
  8. Save Yorkshire Regiments Campaign


  9. They have the right idea. there should be no cuts at all

    too bad there is only two of them, puts all the other Yorkies to shame.
  10. Good for them!
  11. As they sing at the rugby - KEIGHLEY KEIGHLEY BOING BOING! They'll be down by now like enough as the Volunteers has been open for several hours, though.
  12. Keighley? They're probably nicking the lead of the TA centre roof. The caretaker's probably in on it. :lol:

    However, seriously, and serious grave face on, nodding sagely, I say 'well done Mrs'. Would that all TA centres had a staunch legion of Mrs-Stabs holed up on the roof come cuts-time.