With the continual modernisation and cost cutting of the Armed Forces is it about time to disband the RFCAs?
We now supposedly have a one concept Army and RFCAs are surely a largely superfluous organisation employing a large number of people in jobs that could be carried out within Regional Brigades with a small increase of staff.

The real estate occupied by the 14 RFCAs alone must be worth millions.
They have their owm Property Management organisation which completely duplicates the one for Regular forces accommodation and infrastructure.
Their accounts department could be run from the Regional Brigade with perhaps a small increase in Civilian staff.

A Reserve Forces and Cadets liaison officer could be appointed within Regional Bdes as a focal point for TA and Cadet matters.

I have been told it would take an act of parliament to do so. This surely wouldn't be a problem if there were huge saving to be made.
Would you really let the running of the Reserves be left to the Regulars ? The RFCA's are an essential part of the Reserves infrastructure. They look after our TACs and yes that is a lot of real estate. But at least it is not owned by a consortium of foreign banks..........

Long live the RFCA !
never, ever, never let the free-lunching blokes go. They may be fat, old and pompous but they are the only top cover you and I have. If we hand over the running of the TA to the regular army - and at Bde level this'll be to a knackered SO3 who knows he's going nowhere - we'll be as naked as that picture of your girlfriend you posted on the web.

Understand this, that whatever you and I think of them in their regt ties they are vital to our survival - if not why do you think the regs have targetted them?

Don't ever suggest it again, because rumour becomes reality - except where it help us.

The evil empire must be brought down form within.
Umm!..............Whats an RFCA?
What does an RFCA do!
Dont rip the urine I genuinely do not know! :?

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