Disband the BTP?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Radiance, May 25, 2012.

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  1. Given the age of austerity we are in, do we really need the British Transport Police?

    It seems they are nothing more than police officers on rail networks only. The job they do, can be done by regular police officers.
  2. Create a Communications force... Big Brother come on

    Borders and Communications - add Motorways and arm them all.


    Sensible idea

    Just expand the moDefence police and get them to defend our borders... Money saver there.
  3. why is this your opinion? I think we need BTP because it is a specialised (national) area. Do you think this is another area could be in the NCA next year?
  4. There is a minimum standard for police officers.
    There are plenty of throbing bellends with power envy and a well deserved sense of inadequacy that will never attain that minimum standard.
    They are forced to do the boring meanial jobs that real police think are beneath them, like transport police, MOD Plod and Royal parks wombles.
    It's a bit like real soldiers thinking that guarding the NAAFI is a wast of time and leaving it to the RAF Regt.

    I hope this explains it for you.
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  5. BTP is largely funded by the rail companies. BTP officers are trained to be able to operate safely on the railway which is not as straightforward as you might think. If you split them up between different forces each force would need to manage a pool of specialist rail trained personnel.

    Cancelling the Olympics would save rather more money. Leaving the EU would save more than that. Deporting all foreign nationals who aren't in full time employment would be a good one. BTP is a drop in the ocean.
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  6. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Q. How many Police Forces operate in Liverpool?

    A. Five.

    i) Merseyside Police
    ii) Port of Liverpool Police
    iii) Mersey Tunnels Police
    iv) British Transport Police
    v) MoD Police

    Each with a specific remit, and in some cases specific expertise and juristictional responsibilities.

    If you want to pick fight with the bizzies.....

    Edit to add the Civil Nuclear Constabulary put in an appearance in Scouseland from time to time too.
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  7. Next you'll be saying why do we need the CNC ?

    BTP, CNC, MDP COLP, what next?

    Personally the transport network is not their only remit, they also assist the Met when required.
  8. The Riots last year proved that many of them somehow manged to join and serve with the police force...:roll:
  9. The job they do can not be done by regular forces.

    They deal with a huge moving population of people and often have to intercept people at stations, getting plod to fill that funtion when distances involved can be many counties is not possible.
  10. British Transport Police!!?? nope, never EVER seen one, if in fact they exist, I did actually see a Cheshire Policeman a few days ago, walking for goodness sake and on his own, I thought maybe the poor chap was lost, but I couldn,t bring myself to offer any help.
  11. You tell 'em Dredd I'm sure you'd have sorted it all by yourself.
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  12. It would be impractical for regular home office plod to do railways full time as constantly crossing force lines would be an admin clusterfuck.

    Authority has to be granted each time plod leaves juristictions and enters new ones.

    BTP rely on Home Office and other forces for firearms although I heard that BTP are now training their own.

    Policing in this country is so outdated in structure as transport has come on a long way since the Bow St runners.

    One single national force may be the way to go negating the problem of authority and juristiction.

    At least we dont have a law enforcement system like the yanks. That IS a mess!!! Jusk wiki 'list of US law enforcement agencies' and hope your computer doesn't run out of RAM trying to display the page.
  13. No it doesn't. It's just courtesy to let the other farce know if you're operating in their area and to let your own force know if you're out of your area.

    Police officers in england and wales can exercise their powers anywhere in England and wales.

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  14. So your trying to say that nothing would be said if another force came and dagged you out of bed with a full blown muftie squad and carted you off to their own area.

    An attested constable, even non home office, can exercise their powers anywhere with good reason.

    That does not give carte blance to roam and do as they please on a routine basis.

    Off duty plod witnessing a violent assault or a motorway pursuit crossing borders, additional man power requests etc....
  15. Like I said, it's courtesy, and usually protocol to inform the other force area you're operating in that you're doing so. What I was getting at was that there's no actual authority required to do so though, I believe, there are different protocols if armed officers are doing so.

    You'd have to define mufti squad for me, if you mean a firearms team then you'd probably need to pre plan it with the other force. If it's just a few blokes from CID or uniform popping in to arrest someone, probably not.

    I'm not trying to be a dink, but that's pretty much how it works mate.

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