Disaster help....

Does anyone know how to get into volunteering to help in disaster areas (like the earthquake Java, etc)??

I've been thinking about doing something like it for a while but don't really know how to go about getting started. I'm a radiographer so I'm guessing that after some disasters extra help x-raying people would probably be rather useful.

Any advice from anyone who's done this sort of volunteer work or knows someone who has would
be greatly appreciated.

Red-R specialises in recruiting personnel for NGOs.

NGOs vary widely - it's worth checking them out before agreeing to anything. Biggest isn't always best, in my experience (I worked in Bosnia for an NGO and met lots of very p1ssed-off people working for some big UK organisations). International Health Exchange has loads of information about working for NGOs.
Try these people:


If you are currently serving, there is also the CIMIC team at Gib Bks.

I'm not sure how useful they would find a radiographer in a disaster area, they're more likely to need other skills first, but obviously they will tell you what they are looking for when you volunteer your services.

Have you considered your personal circumstances - very very few of these positions (outside of Gov Depts) pay any sort of serious salary and although many people don't volunteer for the money you've got to think who will pay the mortgage, etc when you're out on the ground for months at a time.

There are also a lot of amateurs out there, so don't be afraid to ask questions if you're not going out with one of the big organisations (UNHCR, Oxfam, etc) - in fact I'll change that advice - even if you're going out with one of the biggies still ask questions !

Good Luck.

Edited to add: ah, VB beat me to it ?!

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