Disappointing Offspring

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Twattipus, Jul 22, 2011.

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  1. If you follow the link below it'll take you to a news story about two sisters facing negligence charges for allowing their 83 year old father to die:

    News Story

    The sisters in question look like this:


    If your offspring looked like that, would you not want to die?
  2. are they from Norfolk?
  3. [​IMG]


    Sorry! I thought this was about dissapointed offspring!
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  4. Perhaps I am tired after a night shift but the look on those mongs faces has had me crying with laughter.

    Imagine one of those spaz faces looking around the door at you in the morning with your tea, I would want to throw a seven myself.
  5. So THAT'S what Derek Jacobi has been up to;

  6. your kidding right ? Eltons kid has it made. The old man is gonna sneak off soon enough and leave a bloody great chunk in the bank.

    lucky bastard
  7. Uncanny!


    There must be a family connection......
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  8. Please tell me they're not from Hull.
  9. The one on the left has this look about them

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  10. Fucker!

    If they came from Hull, they'd look more like this:


    Don't diss Hull. I'll find you! And so will Dave!
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  11. It wont be hard, I live in, errr Hull actually.

    Actually I don't, I live in Cottingham but it's as near as makes no difference.
  12. I would!

    Ten letters
  13. Have you ever seen the one on the right and this gentleman together? Suspicious, I think we should he told the truth:


    Now I think about it the one on the left looks familiar too:


    It's a Star Trek convention photo, and I claim my £5.
  14. My Mum lives just outside Cottingham, so you're right, it won't be hard... But I probably will be hard, once Dave commences and I start getting spattered with blood and brain goo ;-)
  15. Do I know your Mum?

    Bet you mean Orchard Park don't you? :wink:
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