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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Steven, Jun 23, 2006.

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  1. Over the last couple of days/weeks I have noticed that threads and/or posts just disappear with no warning or explanation.

    Now I realise that this forum is someone elses train set and we all post 'cos they give up their time and I for one am grateful.

    The problem is if the mods (I assume it was you PtP) just remove threads and posts with no explanation of why then they are just making more work for themselves in the long run as no one realises why they were removed and will probably start a new thread on the same subject.

    Surely it would be better if the thread heading/first post was kept with a Modly edit explaining why the subject matter was removed and the thread locked?

    Not only that but it would save me thinking I am going insane because I read something one minute, think up a reply and come back to find a big black hole.
  2. You think you're going mad, I was posting a reply on the thread tha was removed today (obviously I wont point out what the thread was about), only to press confirm and be told that I didn't have permission to post here. For a second I thought I'd been banned...
  3. I'll second this and would add that some of the removed threads could have continued in the Hole (where they probably should have been in the first place).
  4. I haven't yet experienced any disappearing threads but I quite ag
  5. I noticed a number of what could be termed slanging match threads deleted yesterday, including one aimed at free speech, debate and discussion!

    Other people's train set to be sure, but what are they (mods/owners) affraid of, lowering standards or losing revenue? If one enters a thread that's full of crap, one doesn't HAVE to contribute! Some of the funniest things I've read on here have been total crap (rather like being in any military bar!)!

    Big Brother's watching..... I'll get my hat and coat (saving the Mess Webley for my next droping of part of my reproductive system!).
  6. :wink: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I noticed that signature blocks have been disappearing too.

    Is there a new mod in town?
  7. I turn my signature block off when I'm writing something serious.
  8. Watch out - PTP also steals punctuation! 8O Gimme back my full-stop!! :D
  9. I emailed BAD CO because 3 of my classic posts re. pi$$ing and shittting had dissapeared overnight. They were works of unoffensive art. Bad Co did not know why either.
  10. I wouldn't mind them being put in the hole first.

    I was viewing a thread, clicked to go to the next page and it all went wrong.

    Later I was clicking back to read a particulary funny post that explained the difference between Americans and Brits in a sporting theme, to find that had gone too. Although to be fair, on that occaison, Darth_Doctrinous had given warning he was about to bin the thread, which I think he does most of the time when he is about to bin a thread.
  11. Why should they bin threads? It's their site, but we make it what it is! I suspect political intervention from Bush seeing as a rather amusing/anoying primate Cheeky Northern Monkey, branded an O2T has been binned (I tried PMing him about shot at dawn and he's been sacked!) yet Trip Wire, also branded an O2T (him of the 'Why America wins wars thread) has had his lifted!
  12. But it comes back to all previous posts when you turn it back on.

    Sorry about going sideways on the thread - that's why I've written small.
  13. What happened to the post about saving my career. Its gone, as has my career incidentally. Shame, I would like to have thanked those that supported me and gave me such good advice.

    A bitter and twisted soldier
  14. Me too DR, and I know exactly which thread you're referring to. I vented my spleen in a reply too and also thought I'd been kicked off (or in the?) arrse!
  15. No it doesn't. You see in this post my signature is there, where as in my previous post in this thread it is not.