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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Cutaway, Feb 17, 2005.

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  1. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Every so often I receive notification of new posts on a thread, but when linking to it I'm informed that the post or topic doesn't exist.

    The latest thread this has occurred to is "He did it!" on :

    It's not that important as I can't remember which forum it was in or even what the thread was about !

    I just wondered why if a thread has been deleted do I keep receiving notification of posts ? Or is it still active in some sneaky-beaky department of Arrse that I'm not privy to ?
  2. Cuts - I started that thread, and haven't received any notice of why it was taken down.

    The usual culprit is PTP - who in spite of being a reasonably sensible individual, seems to believe he is somehow more deserving and a higher order lifeform than the rest of us, and is free to do what he likes - when he likes. Shame on you, PTP.

    ARRSE exists for all - or so I'm lead to believe. How ironic that one of the loudest proponents of that concept is the first to reach for the 'delete' key.
  3. PTP is perhaps an acronym for PART TIME PHILL!!!!!

    (Just see how long this lasts) :lol:
  4. I've noticed that too, but being a typical Spam Marine, I was too afraid to say anything. :D

    In PTP's defense, he does moderate one of the two hardest forums on ARRSE (the other beng the NAAFI, IMHO), and any deletion is going to upset someone.

    I'm sure he has a good reason for deleting it, SO COULD YOU PLEASE CRAWL OFF OF ANYA AND SHARE IT WITH US! :wink:
  5. I don't dispute that PTP does a jolly hard job - some of our members (me included) have some extremely harsh opinions.

    However, hasn't a section of ARRSE just concluded a war with Phillllll and the UF rable over precisely this sort of thing? Random deletion? Power-crazy mods?


  6. Yeah, I remember some innocent thread as well that simply disappeared. Obviously, it might have not looked innocent enough to PTP. In my experience though, he tends to inform why exactly he thinks you are (well, I am in my case) a threat to the society of ARRSE.
  7. I suggest we boycott Current Affairs and never post there again. That way he can't delete anything. :D
  8. Pah! This is the third time he's done it to me in a month - never an excuse or apology. ARRSE has a vibrancy and style all its own - and the longtime members know that and respect the TOS. If we all turned into bland PTP-bots, ARRSE would collapse.

    If he were an officer and a gentleman, he'd know what to do... :D
  9. Bottle of brandy,Mess Webley,Locked library? that sort of thing?? :D
  10. The thread is not deleted, merely 'resting between engagements'

    It has taken Gardening leave, to protect the individual who opened the batting, and this fine organ , against an ambulance chaser claiming that 'Public opinion may have been influenced' yadda x 3

    It was a serious alligator, even if it was meant in jest , and I feel it better that said thread takes a quick RLOA until such time as the original poster can say 'Told you so' or 'Oh feck'


  11. You don't want to stop him feeling useful, do you?
  12. :D :D :D :D

    Hardly, but a quick one-liner saying why these threads get wiped would be the polite thing to do.

    'With great power comes great responsibility' not 'Do as I say, not as I do'.
  13. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    fair points and a worthy subject, but I think the Current Affairs thread in particular needs an occasionally proactive moderation policy to maintain its remarkably high quality and habitual good sense

    I've had the occasional post deleted myself :oops: (usually when I've referred to other posts which have later been deleted)

    I used to put it down to that "1 hidden" member who was always there on the site, whatever time of night or early morning when I logged on. 'He' was always there. Watching. "COME OUT YOU BARSTARD AND SHOW YOURSELF", I felt like saying.

    eventually I realised it was ME

    the moderation policy in CA seems to me fairly clear (errr. usually) and I think the most significant result is that members moderate themselves in a very sensible manner, and can usually find the right way of raising a subject and expressing forthright opinions without attracting unwelcome moderator attention

    and the policy is usually in accordance with the updated 'direction' from the COs elsewhere on the site

  14. I sit here in awe. I did not realize that ARRSE was so powerful it could influence public opinion to the point of changing the outcome of a trial. I am also sure that ARRSE is the only place in the know universe that is talking about this subject.

    I will now wind my neck in and re-evaluate my whole outlook of the cosmos. :wink: :D
  15. Absolutely Hackle - I agree with everything you've just posted. My central contention, hoever, remains unchallenged.

    PTP routinely does what the hell he likes and fails to observe even the most rudimentary codes of civilised behaviour.

    If we were to all behave like that (and you alluded to self-moderation), this site would collapse in minutes.

    Unless it is blindingly obvious (i.e. security infraction, identification of people in the real world etc) then we should be told. The moderators should be big enough to step out of the shadows and justify themselves on the few very rare occasions that their actions cause annoyance.

    And PTP is not the only one routinely guilty of this.