Disappearing norks.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Cait, Aug 8, 2007.

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  1. This is a semi-serious problem that i'm encountering, i've never had the biggest fun bags to start with but recently they are turning from respectable into a set of pecs...... the good thing is i can do push ups till the cows come home but I'm not sure this would give me much kudos in the bedroom dept, unless naked arm wrestling is now foreplay?

    Can anyone help me find my ti.ts again?
  2. I think I might have them. :(
  3. Come over here I will have a feel around for you to see where they are.
  4. Large amounts of push ups can be a good thing for a female, in the bedroom, as you could have your man's member inserted into your throat whilst doing them.

    Obviously not facing him, so that he has something to look at in the abscence of breasts.
  5. You can have a couple of cup-sizes worth of mine if you like - I can spare it!!
  6. Cait

    There was a time when I'd jump at the chance to have a good search for them though not if rumples hiding them!

    Then came Mrs BigRed who would make sure I lost something equally as precious..................

    Have you tried eating more pies, it worked for me!
  7. My bold I'll try anything
  8. Crikey dick Cait how many steriods are you necking? :-D

    Seri-mousely now, have you bumped up the exercise hugely?
  9. Naked arm wrestling does count as foreplay. Let the bloke win though or he'll be good for nothing.
  10. Being more serious my BMI has dropped from 23.4 to 19.2 over the last year and whilst my fitness is spot on i think i could do with bulking up a bit more - without doing a Fatima Whitbread (i dont meant getting out the brown kiwi and afro, i mean her build) - I'm guessing to do this i need to look a bit more at the food im scoffing?
  11. Just waiting for OF&H to turn up - only a matter of time .............
  12. Easy answer, though a tad expensive, but nonetheless will look good with the new toned image, t*t job. Do as many press ups as you want then and still have fantastic norks. :wink:

  13. Well your BMI is still in the 'normal' range but since you've dropped down you clearly lost weight to do that. That will be a mix of lean muscle and fat, but if you were still ramping up the fitness then you can expect to lose more fat. And since breasticles are made up almost entirely of fatty tissue it's pretty obvious where it's been lost from!

    You probably have a very fired up metabolism now, so you need to increase the calories in the right way to add a bit of weight back on. The proper healthy way would be to increase your overall intake of healthy food including loads of nuts and seeds etc for good fat intake. Try and keep your protein intake up as well, and before MDN gets hold of this thread I mean chicken, meat etc not his love truncheon!!! :-D

    Depends on whether you want to sacrifice your new found fitness and low BMI for a pair of spaniels ears? ;-)
  14. Wrong! Fake breasts look horrible!
  15. My BMI is 24 so you can have some of mine. But like Flowers said you need to increase youre protien and fat intake. Think Cheese, Think Chocolate, think Cheesey Chocolate!