Disappearing and re-appearing lumps.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Sarge, Jul 5, 2005.

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  1. On a serious note.

    I wonder if anyone can help, maybe any vets out there.

    Four days ago i was out walking my GSD (German Shepherd Dog). All was well in her world until we got home.

    We sat down to groom her and check her for any problems when we discovered lumps on her nose.These had appeared after a few hours back at home.

    The following day we noticed that the lumps had disappeared, until later that afternoon, they had mysteriously re-appeared. That evening they had gone.

    The next day the same thing happened again, the lumps re-appeared and then disappeared and again the following day, the same thing happened.

    And yet again today the lumps weren't there this morning but mid afternoon they re-appeared, they have since gone and i am keeping an eye on her as i type.

    So if anyone out there with a dog that has had a similar mystery and maybe knows the answer please can you help.

    But please only serious replies thank you.

    Sarge :( :( :(

    p.s. i do have photo's if you would like to see them.
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Oddly enough I have encountered a similar problem amongst my kennel but as yet have to find the answer, eventually with enough alcohol I forget they existed. On a serious note I have found a few that will need looking at on my annual MOT at our local vet who goes by the name of DeVille. Dalmatians I do not breed!
  3. Ok thanks i did try the alcohol option and it worked for a short term.

    But have you noticed if the lumps did the magic disappearing act within hours?
  4. Sounds like an allergy to something - used to have a dog whose mucus membranes swelled most impressively if she went near any food with egg in it but within a couple of hours was fine again.
  5. Sounds like an allergy to something - used to have a dog whose mucus membranes swelled most impressively if she went near any food with egg in it but within a couple of hours was fine again.
  6. My retriever got lumps on its back after an afternoon of being shot with an Air rifle.

    I found the .22 BSA Airsporter just broke the skin and caused massive discomfort and a sizable lump formed.

    I decided to leave the pellets just inside the skin and applied pressure with my thumbs until he squealed loud enough to hurt my ears.

    Tomorrow I'll fasten two hornets nest to his back and tw@t it with a canoe paddle........ I'll report back on the lumps.
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  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Psst MDN is a know P%ss taker!
  9. That's as maybe but i find his BELM thing tasteless and his comments offensive.
  10. You humourless git, sarge :twisted:

    I personally find it great fun to inject small amounts of hamster urine into my cats, just under the skin. This brings them out in lumps too.

    My particular favourite is to lace their water with LSD & watch their hilarious gyrating around the room and attempts at flying.
  11. Not humourless just pissed off. Just for once when you need a decent bit of advice or info you ask ppl about it and all you get is brainless sh1t.
  12. WHY did you post it in the NAAFI then????? :roll:

    Surely the RAMC would have been more suitable!!!
  13. I think thats the biggest and fastest bite ever.

    Sarge you uptight tool, read the entrance before you come in and go and drag a cheese grater down your hounds back...... I'll be there shortly to saw its snout off
  14. Seen any Adders?

    A real problem , we had a few Mod Plod Dogs and MOD Plods at a unit 13 years ago. A few dogs after running free at night had strange bumps and whined a bit but the bumps went away/ came back. After a while some VET said it might have been an adder . Bit on the nose, mouth area. Not fatal but a pain and local swelling .
  15. Thanks for that, but haven't noticed any marks. She doesn't seem to be in pain and didn't hear any whining. She isn't irritated by them either.