Disappearance of Katrice Lee

Discussion in 'RAC' started by AlienFTM, Apr 2, 2012.

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    Disappearance of Katrice Lee - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Anyone in Paderborn garrison in November 1981 will remember this. The good news is that Richie Lee has won the right to have the RMP release the case files and run a full investigation, 31 years later. As a result SIB Bulford have launched OP BUTE and are appealing for anyone who might have information to get in touch with the helpline:

    Mil: 94321 3657
    Civ: 01980 673657
    Email: operationbute@rmp.mod.uk
    Major Incident Room Freephone (UK): 0800 616 888
    Major Incident Room Freephone (Germany): 0049 (0) 5241 1799253

    This plea came to me via the Light Dragoons Regimental Association Secretary and has been distributed to all ex-15/19H on their distribution list.

    Anyone not on the LD distribution who may have anything to add, I am sure the sweet-talking young lass will be glad to hear from you. (She did promise they don't use rubber hose and electrodes any more. I tried not to sound disappointed.)

    (This information has been cleared by the OP BUTE Investigation Team at Bulford.)
  2. Saw this over on 'Faceache', great news.
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